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Full Version: Mamotte Shugogetten Shaorin Shichiri Sweet Lolita ver.
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my 1/5 sweetie, the first true Asian character doll i ever owned, a direct step up
from the old 2001 TOYNAMI "Tenchi Muyo!" 12in. dolls which had gotten me into character doll collecting
and doll clothes tailoring in the outset.

i just finished this lovely Lolita-style Blouse/Skirt/Boots combo i've been working on off and on for a while now.
it really suits her beautifully, IMO, better than i was expecting it to.

she really looks downright huggable now, i rather wish she was real...

[Image: Shaorinhearts%2010-11-15_zpszgivuuuf.jpg]
Oh she is so so cute!
thankies~ a little more;

[Image: Shaorinhearts%2010-11-15%202_zpsgsnrkwfh.jpg]

[Image: Shaorinhearts%2010-11-15%203_zpspzm5qm0l.jpg]
She is adorable in her new outfit! Very cute skirt, love these tiny flowers. smile
at one time, it seemed like i was just about the only one in the entirety
of the english-speaking segment of the internet that openly discussed upon either of these dolls.

well, it would now seem that that is definitely no longer the case;