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Full Version: Ah! My Goddess "Skuld" Arrived!!
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[Image: Skuld%20VOLKS%20UFS%2021cm.%201999%2010-...xixgp4.png]

[Image: Skuld%20VOLKS%20UFS%2021cm.%201999%2010-...1xvmqa.png]

she finally showed up!! (10/19/2015) first thing she got was a lip job, a set of undies and a Sailor Suit left over from the old Cardcaptor Sakura bendy body dolls

that TRENDMASTERS tried to market in the U.S. around 2000/2001 when the hack-job "CARDCAPTORS" treatment of CCS was airing on U.S. Sat. Morn T.V.

the uniform fits her just about perfectly, and she'll have to make do with it until i can whip up some better gloves and boots

than the goofy soft vinyl ones VOLKS supplied.

for now, she's quite content with her Big Sister♥

[Image: Skuld%201-6%20VOLKS%20John%2010-19-15%20...kxsdbb.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%201-6%20VOLKS%20John%2010-19-15%20...tczmwl.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%201-6%20VOLKS%20John%2010-19-15%20...qigmfm.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%201-6%20VOLKS%20John%2010-19-15%20...okxlos.jpg]
Ooh, I like her a lot!
[Image: Beldandy%20hearts%20Skuld%2010-20-15_zpsaqxxaiwa.jpg]
[Image: Skuld%20doll%20John%2010-22-15_zpscyxrloy2.jpg]
[Image: Skuld%20VOLKS%201999%20John%2011-21-15%2...pic3x5.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%20VOLKS%201999%20John%2011-21-15%2...dppuxu.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%20VOLKS%201999%20John%2011-21-15%2...4nhcb0.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%20VOLKS%201999%20John%2011-21-15%2...8owrr5.jpg]

[Image: 190057_zps87voik8n.jpg]
since i've been on something of a roll with the hobbyists' paintbrush as of late,
i figured i'd add a little more detail to the doll herself.

perhaps a little more detail than some might consider decent, mind you,
so the photo is LINKed to avoid offending any conservative sensibilities;
You always make the prettiest clothes and accessories for your dolls; i wish I had your talent at lingerie crafting!

speaking of, i've been working on a new set of undies for her over the last couple days, about halfway done so far;

[Image: Skulds%20new%20Undieshearts%2011-26-15_zps6dzetlqv.jpg]
and, Finished!! though i think i'm going to have to make a few fine adjustments to improve the fit...

[Image: Skulds%20Undieshearts%2011-26-15%202_zpsfqibygnr.jpg]
so, i noticed how similar the Sailor Suit i have this doll in is to the one Skuld's android Sigel
apparently wears at some time in the Manga's continuity, and so i brought skuld's own uniform here the rest of the way to close parity;

[Image: Skuld%20in%20Segels%20Sailor%20Suit%2011...s6hsmk.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%20in%20Segels%20Sailor%20Suit%2011...iqunyl.png]
She looks adorable in that uniform. It is super cute smile
[Image: Skuld%20and%20MEGA%20DRIVE%2011-30-15_zpsgdqiab9i.jpg]
actually, the fellow i purchased the AZONE Fate Stay/Night Saber 1/6 doll from sent me some bonus items,

including a sweet little pair of red shoes there that do indeed complete that "Segel" look seen above just about perfectly;

[Image: Skuld%20-%20Segel%20Schoolgirl%201-17-16...e0kupk.jpg]

[Image: Skuld%20in%20Segels%20Sailor%20Suit%2011...iqunyl.png]
Ooh, those are perfect!