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Full Version: Removing factory paint from MH
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What's the best way to remove face & body paint from Monster High 17" dolls?

W&N cleaner is usually my go to, but since it's engineered to eat acrylic I'm hesitant to try it on a doll that's not made of resin.

I found this tutorial on Deviantart but it looks like it's for 12" girls and I read that the smaller dolls are made of a different plastic, i.e. what's safe for them might not be safe for the bigger girls.

The web has the typical back and forth: "NEVER use acetone!"—"Use PURE acetone!" but again, most of it is about the smaller dolls.

Anyone repaint a 17" girl yet?
I've used both W&N and acetone on faces and haven't noticed any detrimental effects on any of them. I've never done much with bodies though, but I do know that acetone will melt the bodies somewhat. I've seen people use it to smooth out the seams but I'd be uncomfortable using it for the paint personally.