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Full Version: EAH Bunny Blanc
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Just curious if anyone else has one so I can see how she compares to the oddities of mine, like is the uneven haircut intentional? What about her lower legs being made of a different plastic?
The haircut on mine isn't very uneven, but you can tell that her left side is ever so slightly longer than her right.

What's the plastic like on yours? I didn't notice at first but looking her over now, the lower legs on mine are different as well. The rest of her body is a shiny plastic but the lower legs are matte. They are the tiniest smidgen a darker pink and have a slightly toothier feel to them.
The lower legs on mine are different and the plastic is darker pink.

The haircut looks pretty even on mine as far as I can tell. I haven't washed the stiffness out yet but it seems okay.
Yes, that is exactly how the lower legs on mine are; a shade darker and a toothier texture.i wonder if it's to keep those boots in place!

The hair on mine is just awful, the cut is uneven and the rooting is really thin, you can easily see the pink of her scalp through her hair. I'm going to give her a wig with bunny ears built in, I think!