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Full Version: Introducing Mini Sugar Plum! (pic heavy)
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Like many others, I've been squee-ing over Connie Bees' "Yummy Sweets" creations... and thought I was quite safe as I could not afford them. Buuut... she did a mini, and I couldn't resist, horrific exchange rate and all. I think I probably knew when I first saw her that I was going to end up, after a few days, adopting her. She arrived yesterday.
I thought I would add "Crystal" to her name, because she's a little gem!
And while that works, once she arrived, her summery tropical-looking dress and her colouring made me think of Hawaii.
...yes, I have a thing for Hawaii. Especially in the winter! Soo, it was back to the Hawaiian name ideas. Having already used "Kailani", I was a bit stuck. I thought about "Crystal Kalikimaka" since she arrived at Christmas, but that's a bit of a mouthful. Finally, in keeping with the nautical theme around here, we ended up with "Moana", for the ocean. ("moe-anna". And nuts, I didn't know till a minute ago there was a movie coming out with a character called that. Oh well.)
So, may I introduce, Crystal Moana Sugar Plum!

[Image: 23757132101_18e1e9ee08_o.jpg]

[Image: 23211491784_a5bc3116bf_o.jpg]
They met about 3 a.m., because I couldn't wait to do photos! It's fuzzy, but I liked the setup.
...and Crystal's very sweet so they liked each other right away wink

[Image: 23471696519_989d45bf26_o.jpg]
As the head of PrettyTiny Film Company & Modelling Studio, Sunsette takes seriously her responsibility of making the new girls welcome and settled-in. (And, she recognizes blinding-talent model-potential LOL )

[Image: 23472380209_0017538394_o.jpg]
You know Sunsette's telling stories...
Bedtime. Lights out, girls!

I took them to work at the library because we have two lighted trees. We did an after-hours shoot. I'm glad the janitor didn't come in! LOL

[Image: 23757134061_047b3b8227_o.jpg]
She's a little shy.

[Image: 23543916630_d063f423d5_o.jpg]
...and a little unsure about all the attention.

[Image: 23471691799_6f3fb7e817_o.jpg]
A little help from the pro.

[Image: 23211497674_9f2e01cd09_o.jpg]
Sunsette will have her supermodelling in no time.

[Image: 23731225292_9ccdc198c6_o.jpg]
She's levitating.

[Image: 23212832043_f1527630ee_o.jpg]
Then we had a go at the second tree.

[Image: 23212834413_5db043c649_o.jpg]
One unexpected thing is how nicely she photographs in contrasty light. Unlike the light-coloured girls, she doesn't bleach out. Cool.
(...I'm thinking 'Crystal Kalikimaka' might become her stage name...)

[Image: 23211496824_4c0807a82d_o.jpg]
They found a stocking to hang out in.
I think I have 2 superstars here smile

(Bonus pic: Tonight she met her new sisters.)

[Image: 23544716480_5fd687f998_o.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Allie she is stunning Heart 2 but you know that smile The purple eyes and lovely dress look perfect with her gorgeous skin tones and Connie Bee does such lovely freckles !

I'm so pleased that she & Sunsette hit it off. How good does the contrasting colour schemes look when they are photographed together ?! All of your models are beautiful (& I do have a sneaky soft spot for Scarlett Heart ) but Sunsette & Crystal -- superstars grin

Congratulations again and thankyou for the photos. That last one is the sweetest xmas pic ever. What a bunch of beauties LOL
She fits right in! She is so adorable I can't get over it!!
Connie is so talented and your photos give life to this beautiful doll. I love her sweet face smile other girls seem very happy with her as well smile
I love how these two look together, and it's amazing that Connie got so much detail on such a small canvas. Good choice for a splurge even with the icky exchange rate. Thank you for sharing your tinies with us!
It seems like she settled in nicely. She is very beautiful and the group pictures of your minis is precious. smile
I'm not sure whether to call her beautiful or cute!! I guess both?!

I love her, she fits right in with your cute little family! <3
Aw, I love the group shot at the end smile
The family of Littles keeps growing. Crystal is a pretty and very special girl.
She's adorable! I'm blown away that she added so much detail on such a tiny little face! :O It's very sweet of Sunsette to help Crystal get more comfortable, too!
Thank you for the nice comments everybody!! yay
Do you ever come across a doll that you think is gorgeous, and even though you don't really intend to, somewhere in a corner of your mind you know you're going to get her...? LOL And then it's like 'SQUEEEE, she's MINE'!! I feel so lucky nobody else grabbed her first.

(12-19-2015, 09:03 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: [ -> ]All of your models are beautiful (& I do have a sneaky soft spot for Scarlett Heart ) That last one is the sweetest xmas pic ever.
Thank you Heart ... Scarlett was really a surprise, how good a model she turned out to be. I mean, you can't tell anything from stock photos, and most of the time she looks cute and innocent, but with the right light and the right angle, she can really do glam too!

(12-20-2015, 03:17 AM)Marilyn Wrote: [ -> ]I love how these two look together, and it's amazing that Connie got so much detail on such a small canvas.
(12-20-2015, 02:27 PM)PullipPrincess Wrote: [ -> ]She's adorable! I'm blown away that she added so much detail on such a tiny little face!
I know, right! I want to go find a magnifying glass to look at her eyebrows. They must've been painted with a one-hair brush!
And, her hair is so soft!!!! Goodness, how will I ever keep it neat with this rough-&-tumble bunch! Her photoshoots are going to have to be very careful ones!
I love her!!! Huge congratulations on getting her!
(12-31-2015, 02:11 AM)Little mouse Wrote: [ -> ]I love her!!! Huge congratulations on getting her!
Thank you! smile The bill came the other day with the official exchange rate... ugh... oh well... Definitely don't regret getting her!

(12-18-2015, 09:07 AM)Offgenemi Wrote: [ -> ]She is very beautiful smile reminds me of my people smile
I'm snurching this quote from the 'new doll' thread because I'm still curious... You don't have to reply if I'm being too nosy wink