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Full Version: AZONE Fate Stay/Night hollow Ataraxia Saber "Servant ver"
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Merry Christmas to all, and to myself as well! i was able to get this little sweetie of a Holy Warrior for myself for X-mas!!

she comes from a fellow Anime doll enthusiast on another forum i frequent. she has a lovely custom face-up
and a blouse/skirt/tights/boots outfit from the Anime that wasn't originally included with this doll.

she will be coming my way from Europe after Christmas, so stay tuned...

[Image: 20151224_204010_zpsp5slhjso.jpg]

[Image: 20151224_204150_zpsrbd9obkk.jpg]

[Image: Agent_J1260433027_zps7tho4lri.jpg]
Late merry Christmas! What a cute gift she is. smile
Wow she is amazing. I love the anime smile her armor looks great
Congrats! She's pretty cute!