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Full Version: Mitsuwa Mall Arlington Heights IL April 16
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That's too bad - sorry you can't make it!
Looking forward to it!
Only two days to go! Who's excited? smile

Oh True before I forget. If this is alright with you, I will be giving you my art work for the Puddle gift bags there. My mom and I will see how many we can get laminated by then.
I'm excited! And that will be fine. I'm happy to take anything for PUDDLE on Saturday.
(04-15-2016, 12:22 AM)TrueFan Wrote: [ -> ]I'm excited! And that will be fine. I'm happy to take anything for PUDDLE on Saturday.

I'll bring a bunch then ~_^ And expect ones of Dal too.
I'm excited! And Bubbles too - she has a new dress to wear smile Now if I just don't get sick... one of my kiddos has been sick the past couple of days, so I'm crossing my fingers.
I will probably be off line for about 24 hours before the meet, just FYI.
I'm green with envy!
Wish you could come, CB!
Me too!! I was looking forwards to seeing you again.
I am at Mitsuwa! Got here kind of early. In the big back room.
It was so fun to see everyone who could make it! (I think I might have to go back soon to spend more time at the bookstore at Mitsuwa, too, wow, there really is so much more variety there now!)
Did you have a good turn out? Photos?
I forgot my dolls on the dryer when I went looking for my sun glasses. And then I didn't even take pictures.... Had a good time though!
It was really so good to see everyone again! The day went by so fast I hardily realized how late it was until I got back in the car. Silly me forgot to take pictures, but I know True Fan took some. yay
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