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Full Version: Pullip Meet-Up in Saint Paul/Minneapolis (Twin Cities) MN
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Hello! I have been a Pullip lover and collector for years, but only recently have I begun dreaming that there may be more of you like me in my area.... ^_^ So I thought I'd put this out there to see if there's anyone interested in a meet-up, to show off our dollies and maybe make new friends in the process? Goodness knows we are few and far between -- it would be so amazing to connect with others who understand!!

I guess I don't really have a specific date in mind yet......I was kind of hoping to find out if anyone's even out there before I plan any further. But considering the weather lately (sub-zero), I was thinking spring might be the best time, because we'd have more options on location and also we'd get prettier pictures!!! One possible idea for location would be somewhere in the beautiful grounds of Como Park -- maybe we'd meet on the central lawn outside the Conservatory, near the pond with the big frog statue (where they light the lanterns during the Japanese Festival), and we could even take some photos of our dolls inside the Japanese Garden as well. Just some ideas!

Another option, if people are bored since it's winter and don't want to wait until spring, is that we could meet at a cozy coffee shop, or a mall, or someplace public with a common area where we could gather. Please let me know what you all think, and contribute any ideas you may have. I am definitely open to more than one meet-up!

So in conclusion, if there is anyone near the Twin Cities area of Minnesota who would like to connect with other Pullip/Dal/Taeyang/Yeolume/Isul/etc. admirers, then please give me a hello and tell me when and where you would like to meet!
I look forward to hearing from you..... ♥
You might want to post in the PUDDLE Facebook group. There are other fans in Minnesota, I know. Good luck!
Ohh really? Okay! I thought that page was only for PUDDLE-related events and info. I wish I could go to Puddle, but I can't afford the plane ticket and lodging. My friend and I were so close to going.... :/ I even have a custom I was considering bringing, to see if I could sell her there. Maybe next year!!!!

Well, if you really think it's okay for me to post about my little meet-up on that page, then maybe I will! :)
It is mostly for PUDDLE stuff, but it's also a community, and I'm happy to have it be used to facilitate meet ups.

There are some people who drive from Minnesota... (I know, it's a LONG way!).
I'm down in Rochester, MN myself and would love to meet up with fellow Pullip people. smile
Hi, don't know if either of you are still active, but there is a doll convention happening in Minnesota in September!