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Full Version: Mikuru Asahina ♥ Nyan-Nyan Maid~
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just got this "Sa-Ku-Ra" Designer Confectionery set by Japanese 1/6 doll accessory mfr. "Re-ment" in,
made a couple improvements to my Miku-chan's "Milky-Pink Maid" costume, thought i'd show it all off;

[Image: Mikuru%20Nyan-NyanheartsMaid%202_zpsuppbq8v8.jpg]

[Image: Mikuru%20Nyan-NyanheartsMaid%201_zpsb0p4xgme.jpg]

[Image: Mikuru%20Nyan-NyanheartsMaid%203_zpsol8f0c6y.jpg]

[Image: Mikuru%20Nyan-NyanheartsMaid%204_zps9kwzp8x3.jpg]


[Image: 480479.jpg]

[Image: MyLittleMikuru_zps23094e6c.png]

[Image: Mikuru%20MegaHouse%2027cm.%205-14-15%201...bdl8zn.jpg]
What a sweet maid!
She is, as always, adorable!
I had no idea that rement series was so expensive! I have those two pieces from your pictures, as well as the cake and the French chocolate one. I haven't done anything with the tiny pieces of candy yet, but I've done at least one photo shoot with the mochi!
Mikuru!! I love Mikuru so much (And i see you do too,haha)
What a sweet outfit she has,And those miniatures are totally adorable. im hungry ;-;
I'm melting, she is so cute! Heart 2
thankies, all~

indeed, she is, has always been, and ever shall remain the Crown Jewel of my Anime Doll Harem...