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Full Version: Natsuki by Tole Tole
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My Marrakesh Melange named Natsuki came home from the spa with Tole Tole today grin. I love her so much yay.

[Image: 24680154493_55120e6795_z.jpg]My wonderful Natsuki yay by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25213816441_459fe5162e_z.jpg]My wonderful Natsuki yay by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25188699912_ddbd98a785_z.jpg]My wonderful Natsuki yay by Mona, on Flickr
[Image: 25280716276_679e1e6c6a_z.jpg]My wonderful Natsuki yay by Mona, on Flickr
Natsuki is very cute! I love her eyelids and that tiny band aid cross.
She is beautiful.
Lucky you.....she is adorable
She is just too precious! The blushing and freckles are killing me with cuteness.
Love the little tears and her boo-boo on her face. She's precious! You must be thrilled to have another custom beauty in your collection.

She's beautiful! I don't think her freckles could be more perfect.
Oh my, she's perfect!!
Thank you so much everyone Heart. I love that Raquel added tears on her as well, I didn't think of asking about that. She really is perfect. All the favourite things from Tole Toles customs are included, so I'm so in love grin.

And I must say my custom collection is certainly getting awesome wink. Now I've fulfilled my top wishes I already have my eyes on more customizers LOL. But for now I am satisfied with the girls I have wink.