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Full Version: Round 17--Voting Time!
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Ack! I’m so terribly late and I apologize for the delay in getting the entries up so you all can vote. Forgive me. Please vote your for your favorite photo up through April 4.

The person who submitted the photo that ends up with the most votes by the voting deadline will get to pick the theme for the next round in the challenge.

Round 17's theme is "Dreams" and was selected by GreysPrincess.

Here are the entries received:

"Can I not even escape responsibility in dreams?!"

[Image: 25630361465_4ac66fd78f_z.jpg]

"Little pirates dream of treasure and sea monsters"

[Image: 25966049785_534329cd82_o.jpg]

A dreamy date with my Prince

[Image: 25667991730_cf700441ff.jpg]
Voting for AliceMR, for the picture has great movement.
Congratulations, Alice MR! Your photo got the most votes this round, so please send me a PM once you've decided on a theme for Round 18.

Congrats Alice MR. I sure would love to escape my responsibilitiessmile it is a great photo
Congrats, Alice MR! Looking forward to what you come up with.
Wow, thanks everyone!! This contest was really fun and everyone had such pretty dreams LOL Hopefully my idea for the next round is one that everyone likes yay
Congrats, AliceMR smile