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Full Version: Pensacola - Object Head Neemo!
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I hope this is in the right place! I am new, forgive me lol

I am a huge fan of Object Heads--I draw them all the time--and when I saw this incredible TV head by TeethTorn on Tumblr I knew I had to have one in doll form. This is actually part of what got me back into the dolly scene after years of absence from the Blythe community!

I love TV heads of course but they're not really so much my style, and anyway those TVs are impossible to find now. Luckily my preference (after a brain in a jar, which is next on my list) is for simple objects, and especially I like "organic" object heads: terrariums (I want this soon! I already got a jar! It's going to be a real, functional terrarium) and flames and crystals and FRUIT. All of which can be acquired at doll scale pretty cheaply.

So without further ado, I present to you Pensacola, aka Penny:

[Image: 05Ee5MW.png]

She is very much a WIP. I'll be ordering a her a Pure Neemo body--I have an XS in the mail for my Licca and I'm going to see whether I prefer that or if I want a S--so right now she's on a baity stained Blythe body! I haven't messed with her neck joint much either so she's just kinda perched on there, hence the gap--I'll be more careful with the Neemo. And probably end up shortening the neck some.

I haven't decided yet whether to permanently affix the leaf or make it detachable (her "wig" xD), but I'll probably go with the latter with a flat-head straight pin painted green to hold it in place (as the fruit is a sort of hardish foam that takes needles/etc. well; it's actually held on with an earring right now). In any case I'm going to buy a more realistic orange leaf. I really liked this orange but the leaves are cheap and bad looking and I want a nice one!

Anyway! I know she won't be to everyone's tastes, but I already love her and dug out all my fruit-print fabric to start sewing her some clothes xD
she is so cute! I love her. for a moment I thought it was a real fruit , I am so silly smile))
tv head dolls? I never saw them before but I am not that experienced. looking forward to the terrarium! that would be magical.
She is one of the cutest and most unusual dolls I have seen around. She looks adorable already, I would love to see her all finished. I think its a great idea. smile
That's an interesting idea! I've never heard of TV heads, either.
Thank you all! I will keep updating as I get her body and expand her look grin going to stitch up some crop top and skirt sets for her tomorrow if I can find time. I'm excited for her. Kinda wanna do some other fruits and keep them in a bowl, haha.

Also Cornflower I love when I see our names next to each other on the forum, always makes me smile xD
I confess I had never heard of Haint Blue. Now that I know what it is, maybe your presence will keep the trolls and spammers away from the forum. Tongue
I have gotten some new leaves for her! Still experimenting with how best to attach them, so the stem area is a little hectic.

[Image: Rrrz0NJ.png]

The gap between her neck and her head is making me crazy, as is the stain/seam situation on her legs, but I keep reminding myself that this is a temporary body so it bothers me less ><

A great thing about her compared to the Blythes I'm used to is that with sturdy shoes she can stand on her own:

[Image: OAZ7n4f.png]

Her head is very lightweight!

Not going to have time to sew for her today, so I just changed her clothes.

[Image: NF3RV0I.png]

I guess someone made a run by the produce department...
She looks full of character already. smile
Penny's Neemo came!

[Image: tumblr_o5bvn8nWI01rxhgx4o2_500.png]

[Image: tumblr_o5bvn8nWI01rxhgx4o1_500.png]

[Image: tumblr_o5bvn8nWI01rxhgx4o3_400.png]

I'm really thrilled! I'm gonna get an S size in white skin and make her a peach-headed girlfriend, I believe.
Her new body and new tshirt are super cute!
I LOVE her.
I really adore object heads as well! I've never seen Lenny the TV head but oh my GOSH she's the cutest. ; ^ ; !!!! (After Penny, of course wink )
I think this idea is really great translated into doll form!
Now it makes me want one. X____X
I love your object head girl! I've actually always wanted to do this!!! I think the idea is so cute and I might have to make one for my Licca girls!! I think there so fun!!
Ha! She looks great in the lime shirt. Very citrus-y smile
Ahhh thanks guys! Yes please make some! I want to see everyone's object heads @_@ I am going to make a peach next, named Savannah or Roswell. grin Took me a while to find a good peach in the right size but I did!

It's really fun buying fabric to make theme-y clothes although I have forgotten how to sew so everything is wonky so far lmao

@Whimsu don't tell Penny but... I think Lenny is the cutest ever lol
This is such an interesting idea, I never thought I'd be calling an orange cute before. wink

I especially love her with her new body, but I have an extreme adoration for PureNeemo's in general.

But yes, very very cute and creative! I can't wait to see your Peach girl as well!
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