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Full Version: MH minis blind box
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I came upon these yesterday -- as if there isn't enough small plastic things I want to collect LOL

Apparantly they are ONLY sold at Walmart - I don't know if that is permanent or just to start with. There is series 1, but there is apparantly heaps of others to come.

I found a Venus on ebay, they are cute but I will be getting only my fvourites (and then only if they become available for a reasonable price here) There are videos on YouTube and one said they cost $2.88 in Walmart for you guys smile


I haven't seen a Ghoulia or a Spectra yet, they best be in the later series sly I would like those 2 plus Venus, Frankie, Honey Swamp. If they all exist, I guess smile

Ha, I clicked on your link and now the prices are all coming up in Australian.
Oh nooooooo I love blind boxes this is terrible for my wallet, lol!
(06-20-2016, 12:14 PM)TrueFan Wrote: [ -> ]Cute!!

Ha, I clicked on your link and now the prices are all coming up in Australian.

LOL welcome to my world when I click on any link in here - USD or GBP or C ...

Haint Blue - I agree wholeheartedly. Too many small cute things I NEED already LOL
i have only seen them at walmart thus far... i seem to like to pick out cat girls lol

[Image: 27711204581_d3973e4f03.jpg]20160620_000533 by Rachel Halter, on Flickr\

(id be willing to trade or sell extras that i might get)
Ack! So cute! And I already had a reason to go to Walmart to look for that cute Barbie dress DeadlyNova's girl was wearing. I guess I should start a shopping list.
I've managed to get my hands on these six (plus an Ari I'm swapping my best friend for her Catrine, plus a spare Clawdeen for my mom:

[Image: 14uj8qs.jpg]

As far as I know only the first two rows on the checklist of the first series have been released so far.

I'm determined in my collecting of these, they're just so cute, and between that and the obsession my mom and I both have for blind boxes...

Anyway if I end up with more duplicates I'll be glad to trade or sell (at their original price!) my extras smile
Those are mad cute! I'll have to check Walmart for them when I am more mobile as I definitely need Venus.
Nothing at the first of two Walmarts by me. No dress, either. And someone had been busy shoplifting Barbie clothes, because there were a number of empty packages in the display boxes.
I took screenshots from one of the 100s of blind box opening videos on YouTube Dead who knew that was a thing Whacked Anyway I think this shows more or less clearly all the series.

PS - if anyone finds a Ghoulia or a Honey Swamp please let me know. I can't see any and it should have their names next to them Irritated

[Image: 5exr2d.jpg]
[Image: 23vdzwh.jpg]
[Image: 29bn0q8.jpg]
[Image: hv6heh.jpg]
I read somewhere that they'll be exclusive to Walmart for the first couple of months, then become available at other stores. I hope it's true because my Walmart has none and it makes me sad because I just want those little kitties.
Ooohh, I really want to find these! They're so cute.
I have several so far. Since they're tied to the reboot, there won't be any minis of the characters that got the axe, so no Spectra, Honey, Ghoulia, etc. At the moment, only the first 12 of 18 from the first set (Original Ghouls) have been found. So that includes Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, Lagoona, Ari, Venus, Catrine, Abby, Catty, Rochelle and Moanica. That still leaves Jinafire, Toralei, Skelita, Twyla, Deuce and Robecca. All the other sets are just themed recolors, but all of them are only of those 18 characters I listed above.
I know nothing about MH except which dolls I like. There is a reboot and no more full size of my 3 favourite girls?? {Ghoulia, Spectra, Honey Swamp}
That makes it so much easier to stop collecting sad
Ghoulia was replaced with another zombie that seems very similar to Toralei in personality named Moanica. And Spectra was replaced with a pop-star ghost that looks really similar to Spectra, even with similar colors.
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