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Full Version: My Melody HEN-NAKO
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[Image: 27275486014_5a511a941e_z.jpg]
I actually bought a recent release, My Melody HEN-NAKO. It's difficult to get a full shot with those long ears, so I'll be chopping them off in most of the rest of the photos.

[Image: 27275486904_daf560676f_z.jpg]
A better look at her in the hood and cape.

[Image: 27275489084_05c5d8c54c_z.jpg]
Her eyelids are very pretty.

[Image: 27275493884_c74b1dfdd6_z.jpg]
Her hair is a darker shade underneath and the top layers are lighter. I would have preferred the colors were mixed in streaks, since it's not that noticeable that her hair has two shades like this. She has a rather crazed stare, which I attribute to the thin, white eyelashes. I'd like to find some more to thicken them up. That or replace them with black ones.

[Image: 27887657835_cdf94351b3_z.jpg]
The fur lining in her hood makes it want to slip off, so it's not easy to have it on without fastening it. But it's not like she'll fit on the doll shelves with it on.

[Image: 27275491284_fa8243c5d5_z.jpg]
Her hair is of a nice quality, although you can see the wig cap through the hair when you view her from above.

Over all, I like her a lot. I want to dress my original My Melody in her original stock and pose them together to get a feel for how different or similar they are.
That wig is incredible! #__#
Looking at these photos I feel like she should have been a mermaid smile very cute girl smile
I love the color combos of her hair and outfit.

But yeah, those are some crazy eyes!
I love everything about her, I will get my own one day !

My favourite photo is the 4th - showing her hair colours and eyes and dress without all the red over the top. She is just like a custom, IMO Heart 2
Thank you for posting these! She is very pretty, I really love her lips, they look so glossy and remind me of juicy fruits, even her funky eye liner that I was not sure about actually fits the rest of the face nicely.
She would look amazing as a circus themed girl.