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Full Version: Custom Little Twin Stars Pullip
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Hi there! I created this Little Twin Stars themed pullip a while ago and I decided that I wanted to sell her. This is my first time selling a custom so any suggestions on how much I should sell her for would be very helpful. Happy She will come with everything she's wearing and she will also come with two additional Little Twin Stars dresses and the clear stand that you see in the last picture.

[Image: 29y1f6r.jpg]

[Image: etuwsp.jpg]

[Image: ip9tsn.jpg]

[Image: dy3y43.jpg]

[Image: 2cmrhfk.jpg]
She's beautiful! #__#
She is very cute! I love her eyes and pink nose smile

I am no expert but I see most customs start from 150 and usually go around 200-250$ it depends on how much time you put on her and all the goodies you are including. Nice dresses , wigs and eye chips are not cheap. I think most of the time first time customizers go a bit lower (less than 200). But again that is my observation over the last year smile
No idea on price as pricing customs is very subjective but she is way too cute! I'd factor in the cost of what was put into making her when you do price her.
Ugh if I wasn't broke I'd be ALL OVER this..!
I'd say she's worth at least $165 or so?

Two extra dresses? Maybe $180!
Also broke, but I love little twin stars and I'm absolutely in love with her! As for price I'd say $180-210? Although I'm terrible at pricing too!
Thank you everyone for your compliments and suggestions! I think I will also throw in another pair of shoes and a star ribbon that she can wear in her hair. I will probably put her up on ebay very soon Tongue
Here are the additional stuff I will include

[Image: 2j36329.jpg]

[Image: o7rkf4.jpg]
I have no advice on pricing as I have no idea, but I just wanted to say she's stunning and so cute! I absolutely love her <3
Thanks Tory! yay
She's very cute! I hope you find a good home for her.
Yeah, what Tory said. No idea on price other than "out of my budget", but she's really very sweet Heart
Thank you! yay

I have posted her sale in the BST