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Full Version: Matty Collector SDCC sale
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Matty Collector is offering some of the dolls for preorder via their website sale starts in like 15 minutes don't wait and be caught empty handed

Wonder Woman Barbie $80
Monster High Frankie Ghostbuster $25
Ever After High Cedar Wood $30
She-ra doll

Everything sold out in a flash but it said something about more tomorrow, I missed out on the Frankie MH because I assumed they took paypal and I had to hobble out to the kitchen for my purse/wallet when I realized they only took CC.
I was able to secure my SDCC Monster High Frankie today via their website smile
congrats on your frankie! smile i missed my one chance ... because moms ... *head desk* sad
They are relisted every day at noon est! I missed her the first two days but managed to get her today.
i know that, but when i'm working every one of those days except my one day off and no web access at work ... i had one chance ... legit, one chance lol

so i got excited today ... got home, pull up matty site, see that it looks like frakie is in stock! I get excited, click the link ... sold out ... sad so i think she's gone gone ... but cedar wood was still available if anyone needs her ...

... gonna go pout in the corner ... sad