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Full Version: There's a Fairy Hanging around my Deck
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Here's my Tuesday Morning special Fairy Lumiere. He agreed to pose for some photos out on the deck railing before the sun set.
[Image: 28588354206_f2932126a7_z.jpg]

[Image: 28514629792_2531b846e0_z.jpg]

[Image: 28514632372_44c1d61ca9_z.jpg]
I don't hate his stock. His blue shirt is pretty decent and I like it with the white puffy pants.

[Image: 28588356846_89671172e6_z.jpg]
I kinda wish they would have carried more of the pastel colors of his hair into his faceup. He's still a sweetheart!
He looks extra sweet in these photos. He has a bit of eye shadow, seems greenish to me. I love that blue shirt! Congrats smile he is adorable
Everytime I see him I fell in love with him more! My fave color is blue and...Ok, he's going to my wishlist now! xd
He's so pretty! I really like the deep color of his eyechips smile
Lovely lighting. He totally looks like if you startled him, he'd go 'poof' and disappear back to wherever the fairies are hiding.
Thanks! He's a sweet boy.
Ohhh I like him allot! <3
He is magnificent, that hair & eye coloring is beautiful on him!
He looks so adorable!!! Heart Especially with the large golden bow on his hat, it gives him so much personality!
Thanks! I like the gold accents from the bows and the tassel on his hat.
He is very sweet. I'm impressed with all the details in his outfit and he has super cute wig too.
Thanks! His outfit seems well thought out.