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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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your photos always brighten up my days, they ooze positive energy smilelove fin with the vespa, i can imagine the adventures that are waiting for them
A couple of out-takes from last round's competition.  I couldn't get a nice "competition-worthy" shot with Ashli & Maeve.

[Image: 7eae63ffa9f4c3a8f4bd9c364f625152.jpg]
"Aargh!  Why are you hugging me???"
(a bit how I feel when people do that to me  LOL LOL)

[Image: 1191604898a0cfebaf477249d9a91cc9.jpg]
Over-stuffed jeep.

[Image: 994fbeaa5973ef0569b693e061d74613.jpg]
Making sure everything is tied-down.

[Image: b69aa9fccb616c85c12337abb640c099.jpg]
Zoey "modelling" my latest knitting project.  She's cos-playing Elsa from Frozen, and the colour of the wool is "Let it Snow"  Tongue

[Image: ca640a08651358097ecd516089e34e53.jpg]
Toni being a cat and peering over the back of the couch (fun out-take shot from this rounds contest entry that really doesn't show my actual idea).
Zoey looks so ethereal! And I love Toni's mischievous ex>
(03-24-2019, 09:03 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Zoey looks so ethereal! And I love Toni's mischievous ex>
She is a cat after all, and they’re always up to mischief.
What a fun series of out-takes! Toni being a cat is probably my favorite.

Yeah, I can totally relate to the "why are you hugging me" one. Just... no.

That Jeep is fully loaded and ready to roll! I wonder how far she is going?
To be fair, I wouldn’t be any cooler than Finn with a bike!

I’m loving these outtake photos, especially the one with Toni behind the couch! Very catlike!
These are fun! And I guess you picked the best photo for the contest, didn't you! wink The hugging one made me laugh because I'm often like that too.
I'm looking forward to seeing what your "actual idea" is. And your knitting project looks really nice, especially the fancy hem.
A single shot to show we went to the movies this week.

Amelia is our geek girl, and loves her fandom.
"Ticket, check.  Favourite character toy, check.  Large tissue for copious tears, check!"
[Image: d5a8de3d98eab51c38fee66e103c4fd0.jpg]
No spoilers, but Amelia will need that tissue!
I hope she enjoyed the movie!
Cute. And it's always fun to see the variety of doll-size plushies that can be found. Sounds like everybody enjoyed the movie.
Do you purchase a separate ticket for Amelia to ensure that she has her own seat? I imagine she prefers to sit in the front row, seeing as how she's considerably shorter than the typical movie-goer.
A few new photos as I haven't posted here in ages.

Toni & Felicity with one of the roses i managed to rescue from the hungry possum.
[Image: 797336d4766fe5eab697177733feb45b.jpg]

Finn with some cotton "wool" i bought at a show a few weeks ago - it will eventually be made into a summer top.
[Image: 1fbace61f2dcf30189eb844bddd36d94.jpg]

Bea in a new outfit I got today
[Image: 777c49b6116135ea181b45ec3d3c9bd9.jpg]
Yaay! Congrats on saving the rose! Finn is ever so cute and Bea's new outfit is awesome! That's the gold version of Love My Collection Marine Dress, right?
Bea (aka Amelia... yay!) looks adorable in her new vintage-style outfit!

It looks to me like Toni and Felicity are plotting on how to attract possums in to the house using roses as bait. Because, y'know, it would be fun to see one up close!

In the States, that... string that you use for knitting... is usually called yarn. Is the term "wool" in Australia? Or is there a difference between yarn and wool? Or is it wool yarn, and is the example in this photo a cotton yarn that has been treated or manufactured to perform more like wool? (I apologize for my colossal ignorance when it comes to textiles)
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