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Full Version: Round 28 theme announced
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Congratulations to MapleLeaf, whose Round 27 photo came up on top!

MapleLeaf's idea for the Round 28 theme is Lights. Get those creative wheels spinning and submit your entries to me via PM or e-mail--deadline of 0:00 HST, December 19. I prefer PMs, but if you are having trouble sending those, you may e-mail me.

My e-maiil address follows, just leave out the spaces between the @
justlikewasabi @
Nice theme, I already have few ideas and I brought all of my Pullips home now, so I will be definitely joining!
This is a great theme idea for this time of the year smile
I already sent my entry smile hope a lot of people join
Got one entry--there is about a week to go, so please keep those entries coming!

I have one, after getting frozen and soaked in the snow... I will send it if I can't come up with something better before the deadline smile
Hopefully I'll be able to get one sent in! The battery charger for my camera has disappeared so I won't be able to do anything until I find it. >.<
I managed to send one in!
Last two weeks have been hectic, between unpacking everything and Christmas approaching, but I could not miss this challenge, such a cute theme. smile
I didn't. Just ran out of time for everything I needed to do this weekend.
I was also super busy 24/7 this entire weekend, so I wasn't able to get any pictures taken. sad Oh well, good luck to those of you who did!!
Oh... today was the last day! Okay, well, I guess my "temporary submission" will be my "final submission."