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Full Version: Round 28--Voting Time!
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Here are the five entries for Round 28. Voting will go through December 22nd. The person whose photo entry ends up with the most votes will get to pick the next round's theme.

Round 28’s theme is “Lights" and was selected by MapleLeaf, Round 27's winner.

And now for the entries…

Alliecat—Dawn Lights
[Image: 31341680310_a565acbb63_o.jpg]

[Image: davidd_round28_lights.jpg]

[Image: 31735183685_b18d0d640e_z.jpg]

Martah--Cosy evening with Hazel
[Image: 31613879211_5119a0056a_z.jpg]

Offgenemi—Our tree is peaceful without the ornaments
[Image: 31356261161_c475fd7091_z.jpg]
They're all great! It's going to be hard to pick just one.
They are all very pretty, I love this theme! It is indeed very hard to choose.
Oh my word!! Some of the pictures were so CUTE that I can't help but wish I had more votes :Heart:
All the photos are so bright and cheery! Perfect for this time of the year. Happy
They are all good! It is hard to choose, I like all them.Heart
Congratulations, Davidd...your photo won the most votes! Please PM me with the theme for around 29.

Congratulations! It is a beautiful photo smile I am looking forward to see the next theme
(12-26-2016, 03:35 AM)KiraKira Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations, Davidd...your photo won the most votes! Please PM me with the theme for around 29.

Oh! Really? Wow! Thank you to everyone who voted! This is unexpected!

I'll think of something and let you know!
Congrats on the win davidd! smile
Congrats on the win! I like how you achieved a feeling of action in your photo.
Cute photos, everyone. Congratulations, davidd. She looks like she's ready to light up something even bigger, with a bang!
Thank you so much! This was fun to set up! (Not so fun to clean up and put away....)