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Full Version: Round 29 theme announced
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Congratulations to Davidd, whose Round 28 photo collected the most votes.

Davidd has come up with the theme for Round 29...Danger. You can submit your entries to me via PM or e-mail--deadline of 0:00 HST, January 16. I prefer PMs, but if you are having trouble sending those, you may e-mail me.

My e-maiil address follows, just leave out the spaces between the @
justlikewasabi @
Nice! I hope I find an idea and time this week smile I want to take a lot of photos smile
Excellent theme! Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries.
A reminder nudge--there is still time for sending in entries. I received one so far.

January 16... that's nearly two more weeks! Plenty of time to procrastinate and then throw something together at the very last moment.

Or, uh, is that just me?