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Full Version: Mitsuwa Mall, Arlington Heights IL April 8
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Join me at Mitsuwa Japanese Mall in Arlington Heights, Illinois on Saturday, April 8, around lunchtime.
If I can find a way up there, then yes I will be there smile
I should be able to drive down that day. Looking forward to another visit.
I will be there with my other half!

If anyone coming to Mitsuwa can take home a box or two of PUDDLE stuff to bring back to PUDDLE in June, please let me know. If I can't unload some stuff in April, I will have to rent a U-Haul, which means wasting hundreds of $$$ that I'd rather spend on PUDDLE 2018. It's insane the amount of stuff I have for PUDDLE this year!
We can certainly take a box or two for you!
I can never find a way up there without having to take the same way I get to Puddle ie: South shore to the city, CTA to airport, shuttle to hotel, walk to mitsuwa. It's so upsetting! There's like nobody I know that's in my general area that goes.