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Full Version: Mikuru Asahina ♥ Nyan Maid
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extensive modification/enhancement of the old 2007 Mega House 1/6 Haruhi Suzumiya "Mikuru Asahina" Character doll,
a work in progress for a couple years now, i think i finally got things just right;

[Image: Mikuru%20Asahina%20Nyan%20Maidhearts_zpse0jmnl7v.png]

[Image: Mikuru%20Asahina%20Nyan%20Maidhearts%202...gmxt1l.png]


[Image: MyLittleMikuru_zps23094e6c.png]

[Image: Mikuru%20MegaHouse%2027cm.%205-14-15%201...bdl8zn.jpg]
She is looking super adorable!