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Full Version: Introducing Cherie! (more pix May 8 pg. 3)
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So this happened... Some dolly people are just so incredibly NICE. Now, I asked the person who sent me this sweetie whether they wanted me to tell anyone who they were, and they haven't said yea or nay... such niceness should be recognized, but I don't want to embarrass anyone either. So, you know, feel free to, like, jump in and say "It was me!" LOL
Anyway, this is Cherie!

[Image: 32750213581_9ae28921ef_b.jpg]
Isn't she cute!
Looks like the minis cut her bangs though; I think she might need a trim.
She is most definitely not going to have rough-&-tumble adventures, but she wanted to go outside all the same.

[Image: 32750212401_a2ec1558fe_b.jpg]
Eeek, those ringlets! smile

[Image: 32059221693_ce69643013_b.jpg]
"I wish..."

[Image: 32750211881_3121f92f72_b.jpg]
So, out we went. She is already very spoiled and got to sit on a towel.

[Image: 32750214941_1b30b88f43_b.jpg]

[Image: 32750214181_d558145c0c_b.jpg]
White doll, in low light blue shade. Oh, boy, challenge!

[Image: 32750213131_11aa3487e1_b.jpg]
You'd never know it was only a couple of degrees out...

[Image: 32873818125_49007b6ab3_b.jpg]
Light's going. Time to go in.

[Image: 32059222983_897aa86170_b.jpg]
Blue shade again. We all hate winter. It's currently blizzarding hard enough that I can barely see the street light across the road, and storm-force wind expected in the morning. So all of us at PTFCo are a little 'blue'.
So we spent the evening doing another photo shoot with the solar lights, so, mooore pix to come! smile
Thanks for looking. And thank you, dolly-angel-person wink Heart 2
She is absolutely gorgeous!
I love the "blue" photos the most, especially the one of her from behind. Simply breathtaking. <3
yay I've been waiting to meet your stunning new girl Heart 2 I love your photos as I always do, I agree with DN about the blue shots. My favourite of all is the last photo smile

Such a beautiful doll !!!
The "exploring" picture is beautiful. She looks so pretty with the sun behind her Alliecat.
So beautiful! Can't wait to see her interacting with the rest of your crew.
She's super pretty. Nanachan is on my list for sure... along with a million others. But yeah, she's really pretty - what a nice gift! I love the pic of her on the blanket.
Congrats on this beautiful addition to your clan!
I love each and every one of your photos. We talked about how it is hard to photograph dolls with light colored wigs but it seems like you had no trouble with this beauty. She looks amazing in all of them. I also realized I didn't appreciate her beautiful face up before. Now I realize she has this beautiful peachy blush and some smoky eyeshadow. She is gorgeous. What a thoughtful, beautiful gift smile
She's lovely! I agree, the blue pictures are so pretty!
Dolly people are wonderful! Congratulations! Cherie is a beauty and I'm sure she has brightened your day. Happy
All your photos turned out great. My favourite is the one where the light is behind her in the woods. Heart 2
Thank you so much everybody! grin
(Offgenemi, there was a lot of extra photoshopping involved... blush )
So we got about a foot of snow, and blizzard night was dolly-photoshoot night. (And, it's snowing AGAIN Irritated )
So here's some more Nana-spam!

[Image: 32927508755_774dbbdb52_o.jpg]

[Image: 32803582841_874695e27d_o.jpg]

[Image: 32803584771_90dac12ebf_o.jpg]

[Image: 32887147956_44037808d4_o.jpg]
So glad I found these lights on eBay!

[Image: 32546925220_e69ef983aa_o.jpg]
Wheeeeeee! LOL

[Image: 32887149096_59dec63d66_o.jpg]

[Image: 32803583801_5d9a4cd554_o.jpg]
Thanks for looking and good night!
Wow she's so cute smile smile
I love the first set of photos of her, but I REALLY love the second set. She looks so cozy and cute with the lights, and the last pic of her snuggling with her kitty is just darling. >3<
I was wondering if you got her with her furry ears or not. She looks really cute with the lights. I have to agree, those were a good purchase.Happy
I love the one of her pawing at the lights. That reminds me of my cat- any sort of STRING is like some irresistible temptation to her- even parts of people's outfits or mp3 player/phone charging cords. ^^; (The calico, that is- my guttersnipe little tabby boy is a coward and timid, but he's well-behaved!) You really know how to capture a cat's essence!
She's adorable, what a great name for her too!
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