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Full Version: Lily - Icy Custom and Poppy added 3/12
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I got an Icy custom off of eBay back in December. I've been a little slow to take any photos of her.
[Image: 32524993964_7e434a512f_z.jpg]
I really love how vibrant and colorful her faceup is.

[Image: 32553761083_a121fc2125_z.jpg]
Icys can be rather homely, but not Lily. She's lovely!

Edit: 3/12/16 - and I had to hurry up and take some photos of Lily before I moved on to the latest arrival, Poppy.
[Image: 32566208664_f0f33fcc13_z.jpg]
She came from another Flickr member/Blythe collector, so you may have seen her before.

[Image: 32566203174_092afd40ce_z.jpg]
I see a pattern emerging where I fall for these colorful girls and then find out I have nothing for them to wear that really goes with their coloring. Fortunately, she can pull off this Darling Clover outfit. Although she may be stuck in it for awhile.
She's so cute and I really like the colors in her faceup, too, especially those rosy cheeks! The colorful dress also really goes well with it. :3
I really like the depth her faceup has. What a wonderful hair color. Congrats! Love the photos.
She looks so adorable Real sweet custom Cornflower Blue. Love love love the cluster of freckles.
Added Poppy.
She is very pretty, beautiful skin tone. Not enough dolls with mocha skins.
They are both gorgeous. The icy custom is very unique and cute! I will add custom icy doll as a keyword on my eBay list smile
The custom Blythe is gorgeous. I love her lips. Congrats!
Wow... she is amazing. Her hair is awesome, too! I'm only just seeing this!
Her panda dress is also adorable. Did you make it? I've always loved your sewing!

Poppy also looks wonderful!! Is she an Icy too? She looks like a Blythe though XD I can't tell from the angle.
Thanks! Yes, I made Lily's dress. Poppy is a Fake/Factory Blythe custom.
Cute photos. I'm not really a Blythe fan but this makes 3 customs I've seen that I can say I liked. Poppy is really sweet.
Thanks! I think Poppy is the first custom doll that belonged to someone else that I fell for and actually had the opportunity to adopt her when that owner decided to sell her.
I've been out of the loop for some time, so I missed news of your Lily & Poppy. I love most Icy customs--and your girl has such a bright & vivid faceup. I also like that both of your girls have eyebrows.