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Full Version: Dawn, the Queen of Spring
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More picspam from the PrettyTiny Film Company & Modelling Studio... smile
The gang has a bargain-basement wardrobe like me, but every once in a while we splurge. This adorable outfit was made by ShortyBoo and won a RequiemArt contest. Have you ever got an outfit with maybe one doll in mind and then you try it on and decide probably nobody else would even come close in it?

Here's miss Dawn, as the Queen of Spring!

[Image: 34802854971_44be09b5a4_o.jpg]
Celebrating the first half-decent day to be outside.

[Image: 34091819264_a00751bf5b_o.jpg]

[Image: 34802852451_a83702fd95_o.jpg]

[Image: 34802851671_4cd72c828d_o.jpg]

[Image: 34091816554_93d322698e_o.jpg]

[Image: 34802853131_844f5464f5_o.jpg]
Natural talent, just like her daughter LOL

[Image: 34091820594_86f6b2132d_o.jpg]
Real doll photographers wear camo Tongue

Thanks for looking!
Wow, that is a lovely dress! And a lovely model, of course.

Glad it finally looks like Spring for you smile
Wow, she's so pretty! smile
She's beautiful! I love the contrast of the green scenery and all of her pinks.
Pretty! I love the color scheme Heart 2
Wow these are gorgeous! I especially love the third one from last, with the sun behind her- and I love how her eyes look in that one!
Wow, love that outfit! Very pretty photos (and photographer).
Beautiful outfit and it looks lovely with her hair colour. Heart
The green woodland background is the perfect contrast for Miss Dawn.
The photographer is cute too! Happy
She looks ready for Spring! Adorable!
beautiful as always Heart 2 I agree about her eyes in the third last pic. SHINYYY!!
And the photographer looks terrific in camo smile
So pretty!! And camo is great for working with camera-shy models, right? smile Not that I think Dawn is camera-shy!
Thank you so much, everybody! yay
The 'shiny' closeup is my favourite too, I think. Dawn & Sunsette's hair can turn a really neat colour when backlit.
That's a gorgeous dress and it looks great on her!
Like others, the 3rd last photo with her eyes shining is my favourite.

The dress is gorgeous too - ShortyBoo makes such lovely stuff!
she is indeed the queen of the spring, but my favorite photo is the last one smile
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