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Full Version: VOCALOID Megurine Luka as MACROSS' Lynn Minmay
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a custom doll of, and the closest i'll likely ever get, to my favorite VOCALOID, Miss Megurine Luka,
cosplaying as Lynn Minmay as seen in the climax of the 1984 Anime motion picture "MACROSS; Do You Remember Love?"

a MS GUNDAM SEED DESTINY Megahouse "Lacus Clyne"
and TAKARA/HOBBY BASE MACROSS DYRL "Lynn Minmay" are combined;

[Image: Milady-Alluca1436208519%20%20200_zpsqphqkzkx.png]

[Image: TAKARA%20Lynn%20Minmay%20DYRL.png]

[Image: LukaMinmay%207-26-17.png]