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Full Version: Anybody in Nashville?
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Is anybody here in/near Nashville? I'm hoping to get there for the eclipse on the 21st... was just wondering if there are any DM'ers to meet up in the area.
I don't live there but will be nearby for the eclipse - we'll try to meet up!
I don't have a car, but my parents say that MAYBE, tentatively, we might be able to go.
Hey, that would be fun smile
Not sure how much internet time I'll get to communicate, & my phone is a brick in the USA, but maybe we can set up something. I hope to be there 16th-23rd. It sounds like Nashville proper will be insanely full of people though slash
Message me here if you want a contact phone number. I hope to have a bit of internet access.
How long are you guys going to be in the area? My Mom is kind of freaking out over just finding out how many people are expected to be there. ;__; I'm still hoping to go, but will you two still be in the area the day after the eclipse..? Or maybe I can still prevail upon her to go Monday, but visions of traffic jams and running out of gas are dancing in her head...
PM'd you our preliminary location plan. If you can stay off the major routes it's probably better. Got a back-roads atlas?? slash
My Mom has been reviewing the projected traffic, etc., and from where we are she doesn't think we can make it DIRECTLY into the city. She's begging if maybe we could watch the eclipse in separate groups, BUT meet in nearby Franklin at the Galleria Mall afterwards, like between 2:30 and 3:00PM? She was hoping we could maybe meet in the food court or something. The traffic is apparently going to be pretty bad where we are and she's even saying we should dress comfortably in case we have to sleep in the car in our clothes. ;__; I hope she's wrong. Anyway, is there any way you guys can make it to the Galleria then?

Monday, at 2:30-3:00-ish
1800 Galleria Blvd. Franklin, Tn.
PM'd you again.... smile
We will probably be picnicing in Edgar Evins State Park at lunch

We are probably picnicing in Edgar Evins State Park today for lunch