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Full Version: Nakoruru New Faceup 12/2017
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i think i've finally well and done it this time; those horrible defective skewed eyes i had to settle with for years, i think i finally well and truly painted them into submission!! what do you think?

[Image: Nakoruruhearts%2012-19-17%201.png]

[Image: NakoruruheartsSchoolgirl%209-5-15%20CROP.png]

[Image: Nakoruruhearts%2012-19-17%202.png]
I love the new eyelashes you put on her eyes - I think it gives her a very sweet look, which works well with the jumper she is wearing in your newer pics. I also like that you added white on the other side of her eyes - I'm not fond of styles where the sclera is simply skin color and not filled in, so it looks a lot nicer.
thanks!! she isn't wearing a Jumper, however, but a pair of Bra and Panties in a vintage, fuller "Granny" cut...

[Image: 3b532a4ca3886a00051e0ed41c81952e--granny...intage.jpg]

[Image: BabyDollPanties.jpg]

[Image: d30fab509637b26c528edb282c8a8f25--vintag...erwear.jpg]
Oh, I didn't realize!!! Either way, it's very cute - I love the heart design!
yeah, it was amazing to find several pair of white cotton panties at my local WAL-MART, with a tiny red heart pattern that was about perfectly sized for 1/6 doll panties, for $0.88 each!!
I never would have thought to shop for panties as fabric! I might have to check that out!