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Full Version: Anime Character Dolls; Mouth "Depth" and lip detailing...
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so, i think i just conquered the one remaining "fault" that was bugging me about my 1/6 Anime girl collection,
a lack of credible, realistic mouth detail that could make their little faces well and truly "pop" in any lighting.

i experimented on my two favorite girls, laying a blending of TAMIYA COLOR RED, PINK and CLEAR RED into the depths of their mouth with a fine brush,
then framed that with straight TAMIYA PINK along their lower lips. i took this photo to proof the work,
-since close-up photos always seem to tell the stark truth on what i have gotten right and wrong in a paintjob- and, would you believe it, they look... Perfect!!!
exactly the sort of vividly luscious lips i have been struggling to figure out how to achieve for months now!!!

[Image: Mikuru%20Momiji%20lip%20detailing%201-19-18.png]
Congratulations on figuring out how to enhance the already pretty features of these figures!

You're right about photos revealing details... usually meaning flaws yay ... that aren't evident to the eye. Your touchups look perfect!