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Full Version: Memo's custom projects (mostly disney)
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I'll just update here when I have progress shots for dolls I'm working on customizing.

So far I have 2 face ups done: A Bo Peep and one I hope to make into an Alice in wonderland.

[Image: just_call_me_mifmemo_or_memo__on_instagr...c63c18.jpg]

I'm very happy with the Bo Peep and just need to find the time to sew her outfit.

I'm not so sure on the Alice (note she is not on her final body, currently she's sitting on a spare I uses when spraying msc that has a smaller neck peg and easier to remove her head from when I reroot her hair). I used a snow white as her base and it seems to have a yellow tinge to the skin that keeps bothering me more the more I look at it.

[Image: sphotoeditor_20180316_183006_by_mifmemo-dc63crf.jpg]

If I give the picture a cool filter I think it looks a lot better, and I think true lighting would put the skintone somewhere between the two image... I'm just wondering if I should just airbrush her skin peach and start over :/ it's frustrating.

You are welcome to comment or critique, I'm not particularly sensitive about my art so I don't mind hearing if something looks wrong.

I'll post updates and other projects as I find time. Be well!
You did a beautiful job. I especially love Alice’s face up smile skin tone is the hardest part to match. Maybe you can find a licca spare body that matches her better.
Thank you!! I actually have bodies that match the head so that's not the problem I'm more worried it's too yellow for the character. Maybe I'll try getting a. Blend of pastels to make a soft peach/pink and do another layer of msc and see if that helps. But the snow white head I used came with really nice sculpted lashes.

I didn't have as much freedom with Bo, her eyes were carved into her face mold (which was a suprise after cleaning it with acetone). But I did make them a smidge smaller when I repainted them and I think i looks pretty good.