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Full Version: NEW OBITSU 24ver.2
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[Image: OBITSU%2024%20ver.2%20vs.%20ver.1%203-23-18.png]

two of the NEW OBITSU 24cm. ver.2 bodies just came in, -both White skin/Med. Bust- and they fit my two 24cm. sized girls Fabulously.

they are a 100% improvement upon the 24ver.1, striking me as a refined development upon the AZONE "Pure Neemo"
they are realistically proportioned, down to their feet, wonderfully stable in free-stand. the only real problem; now it's back to square one with finding shoes that fit them.

all in all, a worthy upgrade from the 24ver., and especially highly recommended to TAKARA Liccarize Sakura Kinomoto owners...

[Image: OBITSU%2024%20ver.2%203-23-18%201.png]

[Image: OBITSU%2024%20ver.2%203-23-18%202.png]
The main thing that bugs me with these new bodies is the size of those hands. The option pairs don't look bad, but the pair you have on in your photos just do not look feminine enough for my tastes.
indeed, they could do with being a tad more delicate in overall form.

even so, the body overall is a must-have, IMO. the included option hands do a great job of firmly grasping most any realistically scaled item one may wish her to hold;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%203-24-18%202.png]
^ That is cute. I guess the hands look a little bit like Taeyang hands, which I've never been keen on because they look rather like gloves... But compared to Pullip hands that don't even hold the accessories they come with (I'm looking at you, Date Masamune sad ) I imagine these would be great for posing.
indeed, the entire body poses beautifully. just try attempting a natural sitting pose like this with any previous OBITSU design.
the body is not being strained here in any way;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20MAXELL%203-25-18%202.png]
i found this old late-90's Barbie Little Extras "Poseable Shoes" accessory pack
that contains a a couple pair of Mary Jane-style strap shoes
that fit this new OBITSU's feet almost perfectly.
too bad that they don't seem to have been made in any other colors,
besides the black and red provided in this accessory set...

[Image: BARBIE%20LITTLE%20EXTRAS%203-30-18%205.png]

[Image: BARBIE%20LITTLE%20EXTRAS%203-30-18%206.png]

[Image: BARBIE%20LITTLE%20EXTRAS%203-30-18%201.jpg]
I have some of those, too. They also came in a set with pink and white mary janes. They happen to fit the type 2 Pullips perfectly.

Not my pic:
[Image: 25865946023_202582b6b8.jpg]Footwear for the Curvy & Tall Girls - Part 4 of 4 by Diva Details, on Flickr

the new OBITSU 26cm. are supposedly coming this year,
and those white and pink pairs would pretty much set me right up for shifting my Momiji and Mikuru directly over to that new, beautifully-proprtioned body!! Jeez!!!
with Barbie "Little Extras" red "Mary Jane" shoes, again, a virtual perfect fit for her new body;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20Pink%20Dress%204-4-18.png]
Cute little shoes. Did you add the ribbons?
yep, taken off of the costumes' original pair of shoes, which were extremely cute, but are now too small to fit;

ORIGINAL; CardCaptor Sakura "Costume Collection Pink"

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-15-17.pngoriginal.png]

BARBIE "Little Extras" (with ribbons attached)

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-15-17.pngoriginal%202.png]
Oh, nicely done! The new shoes with the added ribbons look better than the originals.
new 24cm. vs. old 27cm.

[Image: Yuki%20Nagato%204-23-18%203.png]
Wait, a 26cm is coming out? MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!!
25cm always felt too small for Pullips to me, but I want height differences between my girls and 26 would be perfect!
this new design appears to be based off of OBITSU's 150cm. 1/1 scale (Lifesize) Mannequin;

[Image: 150stand02.jpg]

[Image: OBITSU%2024%20ver.2%203-23-18%201.png]

[Image: 3384a6ff7e2069a20d67c3af9e9aaffb.jpg]