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Full Version: An Afternoon of Photography
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I've taken lots of photos of the garden, time to try something different
[Image: baf204e008d7828a0c3c8dffbf40a0ba.jpg]

Diana, are you busy this afternoon? Can I take your photo?
[Image: ddfee48f10c9009faf2bdeaf2384c5b8.jpg]

And another?? You're so lucky you can wear orange - it clashes terribly with my hair
[Image: 23e1e8c6d70393797b68fd171ff19bb3.jpg]

You look like a proper pirate in that outfit
[Image: 0838440b4c155950022131f0e3b7ab0d.jpg]

[Image: d09bca1f11fc7eb48812834b53bb8d24.jpg]

And a different angle
[Image: a8ac1c62f01fc4b7c362be8e06a4f1a8.jpg]

Amelia! why don't we swap clothes & I can take your photo?
[Image: 0d7dddee0e398a799c86b3166b5119bc.jpg]

[Image: b82178b14ab93d671e8523b47782bdde.jpg]

C-c-can you h-h-hurry up?? I'm c-c-c-old...
[Image: 54448baa5d433a7dd2746a3e6c487293.jpg]


And a final portrait of Amelia in Wonder Woman's outfit
[Image: 05edb1cca6d5adc2c1a3a51641746497.jpg]
And Diana in the gorgeous teal coat
[Image: 521221c6bee007e0033e7f2744c0f564.jpg]
I love the teal coat and hat, particularly on Diana!
What a bunch of lovely autumn pics!

Diana truly does looks great in everything. And your backyard is a charming place, it almost looks like it was created specifically for taking Pullip photos!
Awww these seem lIke they had a lot of fun taking pics together.
You are very patient to have changed their outfits so many times during the photo session! The variety of fashions makes for an especially interesting series of photos!
What fun to spend time with your dolls in the backyard.
They look lovely in their outfits! Happy
Love fun backyard shoots! This is so fun. Great pics smile
I bet that was fun. I like how it looks like they're puttering around by themselves in the big yard. Did you make the hat and scarf? I think I like the first pic best. She looks so serious about her photography smile
This is such a cute idea for a photo shoot!!
Diana's really stunning in orange, too! It brings out the blue hair streaks.
Aw, that's adorable! I think I prefer Diana in the teal coat, too.
Diana is GORGEOUS! I really would like to get that Wonder Woman for myself one day.
Thanks all for the nice words. I had a lot of fun doing it smile

I probably spent 90 mins to 2 hours puttering and taking photos. I like seeing what the dolls look like in different outfits, so it's not really patience as such to do multiple changes. I don't enjoy fiddling around with shoes though, so they mostly are barefoot - I just take photos from the knees up.

I didn't make the hat & scarf, it came as part of the set with the coat. Although, I have made a couple of similar berets which I really should dig out now we are coming into cold weather.
The backyard is good for doll photos as there's all sorts of plants and areas to take photos in. And I can generally angle things so you can't see the house.
Diana is looking wonderful ! I always loved her face up. She loooks so confident smile great photos as usual. I admire your patience and skill for posing them
they are adorable!! I like the little narrative you made, lol~! diana looks gorgeous in that woven hat and scarf.
Those are so cute! i love how they take turns taking pictures of each other. grin