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Full Version: Price Check?
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Just wondering what catty noir to custom and what one not too, because i thought she might have been semi rare? Boo York & 13 wishes I think! Thanks in advance! I checked the MH forum and didn't see anywhere for price checks, and its not letting me post or look at anything anyway soo.
I can't give you any real advice on prices, but I think 13W should be feasible. If you mean BYBY - City Schemes Catty, her gloves are pink plastic with molded on details, so they'd be limiting on a custom (there was also BYBY frightseers costco exclusive 3pack Catty - that one I don't see too often). Ghoulebrities in Londoom Catty is another glove-less option, she was part of 3-pack, but you can find some loose ones on e-bay for less than some other releases.

13W and Ghoulebrities are the cheapest ones I stumbled upon so far, but my judgement on what an acceptable price is is skewed by high retail prices here in Czech Republic.

Not really useful post, I know. I mainly wanted to warn you about gloves, haha. Good luck!
On eBay, it looks like the 13 Wishes version, unboxed, sells for around $20-$25 including shipping in the US, and $40+ for Mint In Box.
The Boo York version starts at $30+ unboxed and $60+ boxed, including shipping.
There are fewer Boo York versions currently listed for sale.
This quick glance suggests the Boo York version is somewhat more scarce.
I'm surprised that Boo York isn't as common as 13 Wishes; there were plenty in stores here (at their time of release)!
13 Wishes and Boo York are most common, yes. I would suggest you go with either of those. Also aforementioned is the Ghoulebrities in Londoom 3-pack, and other less common and harder to find releases are Geek Shriek and Fierce Rockers.

(Keep in mind if you want a Boo York Catty without gloves, I'm not sure that Mattel sells parts for her. They likely have regular Catty hands only.)
Thanks guys ! Between boo York and 13w I actually think I prefer boo York. I actually love the pink arm/hands ! If I had chosen to customize her I probably would have just switched hands with 13w!