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Full Version: stealin' kisses from your missus
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[Image: 43720452112_c417e9d373_z.jpg]stealin' kisses from your missus by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: 43052484354_4b881faaa5_z.jpg]stealin' kisses from your missus by Haley, on Flickr
I wish I could have taken more photos for this shoot, but it was so humid outside I had to wipe off my camera lens every couple of seconds...but I thought her outfit was too bomb not to share!

Thanks for looking!
Love it ! I just love the Assa head band and queer badge !
Isn't that just the loveliest tan tone! Heart 2

She looks fab in all the rainbow gear.
Thank you guys!
This surely makes me want Groove to put out more mocha dolls, or kits. Love her boots!
Her jacket & glasses are very cool
I'd love more dolls in this skintone even more than more mocha dolls! Nothing is quite like the AA line. <3

Thank you guys!