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Full Version: Coming soon to the Dal House Forum - Dalicious and Byul-tiful
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Hi! i'm working on a Dalicious and Byul-tiful contest/challenge at the Dal House Forum. (This forum has a lot more activity, so I'm trying to boost activity on the Dal House Forum instead.)

I'm seeking input on how to maximize interest and participation. If you are interested, please join the conversation here:
I love the Byul-tiful play on words. LOL

I may have to look into it sometime; never been to that forum since my interest is mostly Pullip and Taeyang.
Only members are allowed to view the forum?

Is there other doll activity at The Dal House, or is it exclusively Dals and Byuls?
Most of the Dal House Forum threads are member only. I didn't set the forum up - maybe I can figure out how to undo some of that.

It is a very relaxed forum. There are areas for Pullip, Taeyang, Blythe, BJDs, chat, etc. Now that the PullipStyle forums are gone I really want to keep it going. I have posted threads for all the Dals there - close ups, stock, NRFB photos, etc.
I think/hope you can see the thread without being a member....?
It's also not an elimination type of contest, so if you have to skip a week you can still continue to participate.

And a winner in each round will receive a prize!
Good thing I still have a couple Dals left (and my sole adorable Byul) to use as models! :3 Anyone who receives Manuel should love her, so she makes a great grand prize. Happy

That's neat you can enter without making every round, and prizes throughout the contest sounds fun. smile
And thanks for the info, TrueFan. I thought the forum was exclusive to Dals and Byuls. I'll have to sign up sometime this weekend!
This is such great timing omg, I'm so excited! LOL
I took a huge break but I can come and play True
(08-29-2018, 12:01 AM)vertefae Wrote: [ -> ]I took a huge break but I can come and play True
Welcome back and I hope you still have a Dal or Byul so you can participate!

I'm also looking for people to "host" one of the rounds - and you can be a contest participant or not to do that.
I don't know if anyone else is trying to put in a last-minute entry, but the Dal House is currently down. sad Is there any way I can still enter this round? (Gonna PM you, True. Just in case there's a chance.)
You can definitely still enter. The deadline is actually today. The forum is up now, and if you don't get it added before the end of the day I'll add it tonight.
Okay, thanks for the info! (And if anyone missed it on The Dal House, if the forum is down on a deadline day, the deadline will be extended.) I just got really worried. Tongue