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Full Version: To Heart HMX-12 "Multi" (VOLKS Dollfie Series)
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this little sweetie just arrived, part of VOLKS' pre-Super Dollfie late-90's/early-2000's 1/6 scale "Ultimate Figure Series/Dollfie" Anime-centered Character Doll line.

she has the same early VOLKS "Spring Spine" body as my other two UFS Dollfies,
Ah! My Goddess "Skuld" and Mamotte Shugogetten "Shaorin" except that her bust is flatter than either of those two girls'

she's got a nice set of cute cotton undies all ready for her, but otherwise, i've plenty of work cut out for me here,
getting her unfinished resin Ear-Antenna modules ready for her (she's an Android) and cleaning up excess seam fabric on her clothes and such...

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%201.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%202.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%203.jpg]
She has nice green eyes. I have a couple of those Volks bodies and they drive me nuts because the feet fall off all the time. I generally try to keep them in boot so I don't have to worry about loosing the foot and shoe that's on it.
(08-28-2018, 12:11 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: [ -> ]I have a couple of those Volks bodies and they drive me nuts because the feet fall off all the time. I generally try to keep them in boot so I don't have to worry about loosing the foot and shoe that's on it.

Boy, don't i know it. another issue is the spring spine design, which causes the torso to tend to want to arch backwards and rest at a pretty ugly angle.

i solved this issue, -on all three of my VOLKS EB Body-based girls- by disassembling them, and wrapping the springs in electrician's PVC tape
until they were thick enough to fit snugly through the abdomen cavity. this still allowed movement, but stiffens the torso, preventing it from slipping out of natural human posture.

i also wrapped the shoulder pegs in PVC tape, -JUST BARELY one revolution- so that when reassembled, -with pressure form the fastened screws-
you get a nice pair of shoulders with just the right degree of tightness in the joints.

finally, while there isn't much one can do about those ankle joints, you can superglue the separate C-clamp blocks to the feet,
so at least when the feet inevitably get pulled free, they come away as one piece per leg, rather than two.

in any case, i'm going to have to break down and get all three of them new OBITSUs one of these days. i figure the old 23 cm. ought to do them nicely...

at any rate, she's pretty much finished. there was excess mold plastic on the tips of her unfinished resin Ear Antennae that left an ugly gouge in each when cut away,
so i had to rework them slightly, with leftover GUNDAM model parts i had around, painting the finished tips pink, to echo the style of the ear control pods on the "Persocom" Androids seen in "Chobits"

also, the original ribbon on her Sailor Suit blouse was no good at all, so that was replaced completely;

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...20%201.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...20%202.jpg]
The antennae look really cool with the re-worked and painted tips!
the fit of her sailor middy blouse was trued up around the collar some, and white ribbon added to the chest ribbon, for a little bit more accuracy towards it's original design;

[Image: b942040357f06d034a9b87cabae538d5.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...9-2-18.jpg]
fit on her skirt has been improved some;

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...-14-18.jpg]
Cute red slippers coordinate well with the rest of her clothing;

[Image: Multi%209-17-18.jpg]
Those are super cute!
ideally, i'd love to find her some indoor school slippers such as these;

[Image: Mia-chan1248783524.jpg]

these days, at least, anything like those in 1/6 seem impossible to find, at least in reasonable quality at a reasonable price. perhaps i'll get lucky some day.

in the meantime, these girlish red slippers, appropriated from my recent TAKARA/TOMY 1/6 Sakura Kinomoto, look cute and fit well...
Multi, with Broom. a bit outsized, but probably about the closest i'll ever get;

((Character Sprites taken from "AQUAPAZZA; Aquaplus Dream Match" (SONY PlayStation 3, 2012))

[Image: chara_03_0210.png]

[Image: Multi%20with%20Broom%209-21-18%202.jpg]

[Image: chara_03_0090.png]

[Image: chara_03_0249.png]

[Image: chara_03_0211.png]
Nice find on the matching broom! In the illustrations, the broom she is carrying is much taller than her head. The broom... or mop, I suppose... you found for your figure is similar in scale to the one in the illustrations. That must have required some serious search time!
actually, the broom/mop was appropriated from the far larger, -though rather inferior in overall quality- 1/5 TSUKUDA HOBBY Multi i also have.

far too short for the TSUKUDA, but, after trim-down and modification, just about right for the VOLKS;

[Image: Multihearts%208-12-14%203.jpg]
the OBITSU i ordered up for her finally arrived!! among other things, her elbows can now bend beyond 90 degrees;

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%203.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%204.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%205.jpg]

new OBITSU vs. original VOLKS EB MINI body.

both are actually quite generally similar,
but the OBITSU has a great many design improvements, all where they really count;

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%201.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%20Multi%20HMX-12%20VOLKS%20Ul...18%202.jpg]
new, pure white cotton stockings for Multi, to replace her aging, yellowing original pair.

not at all accurate to the look depicted in the Anime, but oh-so-very-cute even so;

[Image: Multi%2011-22-18%202.jpg]