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Full Version: Noir unboxing and review pictures
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My Noir arrived from JPGroove today and I'm absolutely beside myself with how pretty she is in person. So here's a little unboxing gallery with review comments.

[Image: 44915390604_ea7500b0e5_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
They gave me a cute little freebie stickynote pad! either b/c that's just a thing they do after reopening the store, or b/c I spent $200USD. Didn't happen when I bought MJ for $40 last year.

[Image: 30699492767_0977d5261d_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
lots of wrapping layers, she was nice and secure on her way here.

[Image: 30699491527_c82bac2804_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
love at first sight, tbh.

[Image: 44915385324_a95fbfcce6_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
she's got the eye chips I'd consider to be the 'standard' style. not shiny like Street's, but then again I was very surprised at how shiny those chips are. from here, so far so good on her hair, shiny and cute.

[Image: 44726270285_9bbb212c13_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
the teddy bear's arms and legs move, a standard cute lil bear other than the chain around its neck.

[Image: 43822373630_75876c0005_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
out of the packaging! her hair is soft...

[Image: 45640246011_3329cdc35f_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr's held the curl pretty well...

[Image: 45589836832_d545ff8ea1_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
...well, the back didn't fare as well being boxed for 15 years, but the rest is cute! will think long and hard if I want to get a new wig for her or not, but probably not, since from the front it looks just fine.

[Image: 30699481457_9d0fd82048_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
her cute shoes, which were dusty until I wiped em off after this. they're still on her feet cause I'm kind of afraid to take them off just yet, they're on there tight!

[Image: 44915376294_7a34554a3f_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
they're also hollow on the bottom? wasn't expecting that.

[Image: 45640241201_a12895e86d_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
she's fairly sturdy on them, as long as she's got something behind her to help her balance. strangely enough, she's both less floppy than Street, whose arms I had to tighten a little, and multitudes less floppy than Serpent when I got him in 2007.

[Image: 44915380154_692cb01956_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
her very dainty lip chain and earring.

[Image: 44915379264_b85c4aef43_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
a closeup of the chain, and her cute little smirk.

[Image: 45589826242_5f5249d4ec_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
a quick picture with her bonnet...which while it's nice quality, I'm not as fond of how it looks on her, so it'll stay put away I think.

[Image: 44915378244_db7ea02164_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
a detail on her dress I'm not sure I ever noticed before.

[Image: 45589829212_2878ca557c_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
per kanrabat's request, I checked for any staining (except her feet) and she seems to have completely escaped staining from all the black clothing. nice!

[Image: 31767874948_2d0f684440_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
dem eyebrows tho...

[Image: 45589823752_3a2acab1d6_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
next to Street.

[Image: 30699466597_cf0ee0119d_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
full body next to Street. never mind my clear drawers with various pullip parts I shoved out of the way.

[Image: 45589820892_d7042363aa_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
the pamphlet she came with, with bonus Leprotto flyer. I'd love a Carol and Squall, but after Noir's hair, I'm a little scared of what a Squall's hair might be like...

[Image: 30699460317_ef5de6c1e0_z.jpg]unboxing Noir by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
finally, the other side of the flyer.

All in all, I'm super glad I bought Noir. She's a gorgeous doll who unfortunately had to spend 15 years in a box. Her hair's okay, but not anywhere near as manageable as Street's. I might try and play with that back curl to see what I can do with it, but I also will at least take a look at other wigs to see if there's anything out there that would be good to replace it with.
Congrats on such a Pullip classic!
Congrats on the new arrival. It's nice to see all the little details.
Maybe soaking the hair in some warm water & fabric softener would help you straighten the kink? Not hot though; I know you can boil-style some doll hair but don't know about Pullips.
After 15 years in a box, I hope she has some fun adventures with you! smile
Gorgeous, she looks amazing for 15 years in a box. Congratulations!
Wow! I can't believe you found an unopened mint-in-box original Pullip Noir!

Thank you for sharing the detailed unboxing photos!
Thanks guys! She's every bit as cute as I could have hoped for.

Onto the curls though, I just took each one apart, brushed it out thoroughly and recurled them around a marker, annnnd
[Image: 44917732484_5c98a9155c_z.jpg]somewhat fixed up by Caysie Renee, on Flickr
they mostly look better. still some frizz high up that I'm not especially fond of, but it really looks a lot neater.
Aaah, congrats!! The original Noir has always been and always will be one of my absolute favorite Pullips. <3 She looks great!
Thanks for the thorough review!
I see that the empty space between the eyes and face plate, plus the split upper thighs is a standard T1 body feature. Also, nice to see that Noir is miraculously unstained. I wouldn't mind the dirty shoes. Look like she took a walk outside in nature. It give her a natural look. I don't think I'll ever get an original T1 Noir though. There's others dolls that I want first and even at the "good" 200$US plus shipping, it's a price that is seriously giving me pause.

Oh, and as a SEALED T1 Pullip, you can confirm that no stand at all was included?