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Full Version: Mikuru Asahina in the "ToHeart 2" universe...
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[Image: To.Heart.2.full.413148%202.jpg]

with this lovely Japanese Schoolgirl Sailor Suit, appropriated and modified from my recently acquired KOTOBUKIYA ToHeart 2 'Tamaki Kousaka" 1/6 doll,
my Sweet Angel Mikuru looks as if she could have stepped straight out of the "ToHeart" Visual Novel/Anime continuity;

[Image: Mikuru%20Schoolgirl%2011-9-18.jpg]

[Image: Tamaki%20Kousaka%20JOHN%2011-4-18%201.jpg]
That sock-shoe combo in the first pic is super cute... err... I mean kawaii!!!
yeah, i became a huge fan of the Japanese Schoolgirl loose socks style 15+ years ago, when the style had run it's original course,
and was beginning to die off, at least on the general streets in Japan. i heard the fashion supposedly came back some around the 2010's or so, though.

anyhow, i've wanted a truly satisfying Japanese Sailor Suit/Loose Socks combo for practically as long as i've been into Character dolls,
and now i've a virtually perfect set for my Favorite Girl.

i mean, i tried twice before to pull the look off, a long time ago, on the first character doll i ever had, TOYNAMI's 2001 12in. TENCHI MUYO "Princess Ayeka Jurai"
and i suppose they were decent enough efforts, but neither were anywhere nearly as aesthetically on point and overwhelmingly pleasing to my eye
as Mikuru's ToHeart iteration above...

- 2005 -

[Image: MissAyeka001_zpsa843b0c1.jpgoriginal.jpg]

-2007/2008 -

[Image: Ayeka%20Jurai%20Schoolgirl%202007.jpg]

Around 2015/2016, i made a renewed, serious effort, -this time using a TAKARA "Tokimeki Memorial" Sailor Suit as the base-
and it did turn out pretty good. "Nakoruru" from SNK's "SAMURAI SPIRITS/SHODOWN" is the model;

[Image: Nakoruruhearts%209-9-17%201.png]

jump clear to 2018, and this lightly modified To Heart sailor suit for my Mikuru is easily the best yet, and virtually Perfect;

[Image: Mikuru%20Schoolgirl%2011-10-18.jpg]
Wow! Fifteen years of trying to capture "the look." The most recent incarnation is definitely, as you say, the most aesthetically on point!
two new variations in socks;

[Image: Mikuru%20and%20Multi%2011-24-18.jpg]

[Image: Mikuru%20and%20Multi%2011-25-18.jpg]
another, pretty much final, variation; better fit for Mikuru's sleeves, as well as her stockings...

[Image: Mikuru%20and%20Multi%20Schoolgirls%2012-19-18.jpg]
(12-20-2018, 03:53 AM)tasuke Wrote: [ -> ]another, pretty much final, variation....

Ha ha! "Pretty much." Why do I suspect the stocking tinkering may continue? It seems to have become a hobby in and of itself!