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Full Version: My first custom doll
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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I just wanted to see what you all thought?
I've done a few reroots previous to this but this is my first complete custom doll!
I chose an Abbey Bominable doll and gave her a full reroot, face up and added elf ears and I also handmade her clothes and wings, I'm pretty pleased with her for My first go.
Her name is Blu and she's an elf fairy
What are your thoughts?
Constructive criticism welcomed smile

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Pretty neat. "Elf fairy" definitely suits her. I love dolls with blue hair, and her wings are cool. How did you make them? I really like her flower crown too.
Nice job for a first custom smile I bet you will want to make more.
Hi smile thank you!
For the wings I used ohp transparency paper and printed out the wings I liked then I used adhesive spray and covered them with Angelina film and added glitter then fixed them with craft wire.
Ah, cool. I was looking at Angelina a while ago and thinking about getting some to make wings, with the method where you heat it; I hadn't seen anything about sticking it on something else. Looks like you put many hours into her; you must be really excited to have her all finished smile
I am excited but I've already started on another doll ? I really enjoyed making her, plus I have another 39 dolls that I want to eventually get done!
Here's the tutorial I used for the wings, there's 3 different tutorials I used the last one the iridescent transparency one.