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Full Version: dargosmydaddy's attempt at a doll a week...
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Sneaking into the fray, and hoping my sad camera makes it through the year.

Week one (I'm not the only one with Christmas decor still up, right?)

[Image: 46638350321_77848788db_z.jpg]Yuri14 by tisue999, on Flickr
What a cutie! Good luck with ADAW this year!!

I would still have decorations up if I'd bothered to put them up at all this Christmas. ^^
Our decorations are still up as we are lazy.

Nice contrast between the background and his shirt.

Good luck for the camera surviving the year smile
Yay! another participant! So glad you decided to join!
No, you're not alone. I didn't decorate aside from the minis' tabletop and one decorative thing in the hall, but they're still up. I aim to have them put away by the end of January.
And Yuri's very cute. He looks quite sad that the holidays are over.
He looks adorable with his red balls of, uhm, of holly? I just took down and put away most of my stuff today. The tree came down on New Years because I was tired of the cats trashing it.
I really like his spiky hair.
Haha, my Christmas decor is going down today. And yay for another participant!
I really love how his eyes are staring out at you. They look really nice
Week two (last week with Christmas decor, I swear!)

[Image: 31778858437_191beb237f_z.jpg]Eva8 by tisue999, on Flickr
That's a pretty decoration. And just the right size for a dolls' wreath. She also looks sad that it's time to put it away! LOL
She looks very festive, the red and gold really compliment her coloring.
Keep,Christmas long as possible I say! The colours really suit the doll.
Perfect colours for the pretty doll - I like the framing of the face in the star
I say, enjoy Christmas decor as long as you want to!
Aww, she looks so innocent here
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