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Full Version: Blythe Photos Discovered!
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[Image: 48571436677_decb05e9ab.jpg]Misty Sea by Antique Wolf, on Flickr

I dont think i ever introduced this girl, I dont own her anymore (shamefully) but this was suposed to be Misty Sea 
I miss dolls allot haha, I think toke this photo around early 2017 maybe its hard to say! but I defiantly plan on getting new girls In time! I just have to find the right girl who speaks to me! 
I miss this community <3  LOL
Aw, I love her outfit!

Hope you regrow your collection smile
Love your photos and your collection of dolls. Hope you find the right ones soon smile
Welcome back. This really is a lovely little community.
Hope you can rekindle your interest and have some fun.