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Full Version: Round 70 Voting Thread
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You are currently browsing the voting thread for Round 70. The theme for this round was LIGHTS!, chosen by LeJays17, our Round 69 winner. Please cast your vote for your favorite from the following four entries, in order as they appeared in my inbox.  Voting closes on October 05. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period chooses the theme of the next round..
Here are the entries:
Light Sculpture by Lejays17
[Image: 6c79ac0e85793f03e9558efbdcd6c9a2.jpg]

Stargazing by *NatTheCat*
[Image: 48818394617_9fde8ed9bc_z.jpg]

Reading by Fairylights by s1dthesqu1d
[Image: 48809842882_a977a4e245_z.jpg]

Fairy Light Spell by  Alliecat 
[Image: 48818587388_fe045c90af_o.jpg]
Each entry turned out so mesmerizingly beautiful! It's gonna be tough to vote this round for sure.
ETA: Alright, it's fixed. Go vote, everyone!

OK, looks like I forgot to include the voting options. Duh!

I'll edit the voting thread, so ignore it for now. Sorry about that!
Significant artistry and technical proficiency is evident in each of these entries. Selecting just one for which to vote will be challenging.
Glorious photos all - hard to pick one (as per usual!)

Alliecat - how was yours done? Elfy and I were chatting about it this morning.
Not easy, but vote cast.
(10-03-2019, 03:45 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: [ -> ]Alliecat - how was yours done? Elfy and I were chatting about it this morning.
It's about four seconds' ex-posure; she has one string of fairy lights under her, and I just swung the end of another around her. I think I shot about 17 to get the light trails in the right place and not across her face.
Neat variety of photos; good job everyone!
Everyone did such a good job this round! I love the variety Heart 2
One of those pictures, I really want as a wallpaper in glorious HD.
I'll humbly request it once the winner have been chosen.
Every single entry is beautiful ! How different everyone interpreted it. I love them all
I especially like the almost aurora borealis glow of the lights in "Light Sculpture," but they're all neat! :3 I never would have thought of this theme but it was good!
Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner. Just returned from Japan.

Congrats, s1dthesqu1d! When you think of the theme for the next round, drop me a PM, please & thank you!
Congrats, Sid!
Do you have the HD version of your picture? Because it would make a very cool wallpaper.
Congrats, s1dthesqu1d, and yay for joining in!
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