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Full Version: Round 73 Voting Thread
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Happy New Year to you all!  This is the voting thread for Round 73. The theme for this round was END OF YEAR FESTIVITIES (NOT JUST CHRISTMAS), chosen by Lejays17, our Round 72 winner. Please cast your vote for your favorite photo from the following three entries, in random order.  Voting closes on January 11. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period chooses the theme for Round 74.

New Year Picnic by Elfy

 [Image: 2977fcfb5ba4602c3e7a6d8f7ef4dd2f.jpg]

Minis' Christmas Party 2019 by Alliecat

[Image: 49276488042_9f9c1cc47e_z.jpg]

A Good New Year's Party by Lejays17 
[Image: df0af1248fd849dfca211edf4a46360c.jpg]
Congrats to everyone who participated at this busy time of year.
This is a tough round! Three fun photos from which to choose!
I would love to have such a warm sunny New Year's party!
...although the aftermath seems to be leaving a few of the gang a little ... "tired"... LOL
Congratulations on the first win of 2020, Alliecat! Please think of Round 74's theme and shoot me a PM when you're ready.

Congratulations, Alliecat, on a decisive initial victory of 2020! Wishing you many more successes!

Elfy and LeJays, good luck in de-throning the reigning champion!
Congratulations Allie. The minis hold the best parties. David you could always have a crack at grabbing the crown!
Thank you for the votes! smile
Yes, davidd, join in -- would be great to see more participants.