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Full Version: TAKARA/TOMY "Liccarize" Sakura Kinomoto with OBITSU BODY 26
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my 2017 reissue TAKARA/TOMY "Liccarize" Cardcaptor Sakura "Sakura Kinomoto" with new 26cm. OBITSU BODY;

[Image: NIKON%20D5000%203-14-20%20RESIZE%2030.png]

[Image: Liccarize%20Cardcaptor%20Sakura%20Cpstum...%20set.jpg]

[Image: Mikuru%2010-10%2019%204.jpg]
She's so cuuuute! And those little eyeglasses!

The realistic miniature Nikon camera is a very intriguing accessory!
She looks fabulous with her new body and outfit!!!
[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%203-13-20%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]
those "stretched" proportions on Konomi just kept continually bugging me,
so i got her an OBITSU 24ver. 2 body, and... IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!!!

[Image: Konomi%20and%20Lucy%204-6-20%20RESIZE%2025.png]
A small difference in measurements makes a big difference in appearance! Excellent upgrade!
WRONG THREAD, (My Bad) but thanks in any case!! i'm most happy with all three of these girls now~