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Full Version: Quarantine20 Scavenger Hunt!!! ...The winners...!!! :D
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"Aloha, DollyMarketers!
We hope you're all staying safe, well, and as sane as possible until someone rolls the credits on this disaster movie we're stuck in...
We're all in this together, and we're thankful for our online friends.  And we all need a little distraction from the dire news -- some moments of creativity and fun.  
So in an effort to raise spirits and spread a little cheer, the PrettyTiny Film Company crew is going to host a scavenger hunt!  Throughout April we'll be posting ideas, a few a week.  We want to see a photo of a doll or figure with the required item.  Any members of your crew can participate.  
We'll try to keep it easy, things you can find around your home or yard -- but we might throw in a few more challenging ones as well.  We'll update this post with all the ideas.
You don't have to stage a big scene, but we'd like you to try to be a little creative, use your imagination -- as long as you hit the theme, it'll count.  And we'd also like you to take the picture this month, not use an old one.  The point is to get you playing with your dolls and having a little creative fun while we're all stuck at home.
We've talked Mum into sponsoring a prize, so every theme you post will earn a ticket for a draw at the end of the month.
We're looking forward to sharing some fun with you.  Please join in!  
Love, Sunsette  Heart 2  "

(Should have clarified; but because we started off this way, a separate pic for each theme if you can smile )

SCAVENGER HUNT ITEMS -- DEADLINE MAY 3, MIDNIGHT (that's the end of May 3, not the beginning LOL )

1.  a TP roll
2.  something striped
3.  an umbrella
4.  a radio
5.  a button (pin-on)
6.  an interesting bottle
7.  a  used stamp
8.  a blue doll/figure/toy
9.  a calendar
10.  a hammer or screwdriver
11.  a red pen
12.  a rainbow
13.  a map
14.  a spring
15.  something freshly baked
16.  a purple doll/figure/toy
17.  a house number
18.  something from another country
19.  what you're reading right now
20.  the oldest thing in your house
21.  a hat
22.  a magnet
23.  smallest denomination coin
24.  a cat
25.  composite: use at least 5 of the above items in a scene
Ooh, I'll try to participate! There's a lot of things I don't have at home, but we're still allowed to go visit family or go for a short walk or shopping, so I'm in!
Oh, I will try this. I mean, getting out can be a bit hard but I will try!
This sounds great.
Oooh, this sounds so fun!! I'll definitely try to participate!!
Sounds like fun!
Sounds like fun! It’ll be an opportunity to get out some other dolls / toys for photo ops.
"Yay!  We can't wait to see your pictures!  Let's have some fun -- 'kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight' ... 'keep creating, through the Waiting'... and stuff like that...
You don't have to do them in order, you don't have to do them all, and you don't have to do them in the week they're posted.  You have all month.  
As simple or as elaborate a setup as you want, with whatever doll you want -- just have fun.
Heeere we go!
Love, Sunsette  Heart 2  "

[Image: 49725710042_667ab842c8_z.jpg]
Told you we'd try to make it easy.  LOL
Yup, that's right, the first item we want you to 'find' is a TP roll!
(Well, we HOPE it's easy...)

[Image: 49724852463_69ab84e065_z.jpg]
Something with stripes.
Really, anything with stripes.  A creature, a thing... just -- striped.

[Image: 49725710197_87f62e8aa9_z.jpg]
An umbrella.
Yours, theirs....
I think Darla started the sitting-in-a-deck-chair-on-the-windowsill thing when she arrived here in such cold weather.

[Image: 49725710332_9214454776_z.jpg]
A radio.
(You know, that thing you used to follow pandemics and other world news on, before it was all on your phone xp )
Fun start to the hunt - I’ll have to wander thru the house tomorrow collecting items & photos!
Fun idea! Let me see what I can find! And who can find it!

[Image: april1b.jpg]
Not easy to find, but here you go!

More later....
Nice stock, davidd!

Here's my #1

[Image: ea3910d1a0c11dc67a010afd12ce9dc7.jpg]
Basil decided to be the one to do this first round.

[Image: 67910625_0fc0af780d1368af4f850623826f64de_standard.jpg]
"We managed to find this at the shop. Luckily."

[Image: 67910760_6a823f6f9e1fd6ca78832bb69dbb4ade_standard.jpg]
"Miss Wednesday always wears stripey socks."

[Image: 67910876_c57dae2cf4d0e502799941dee484841d_standard.jpg]
"It's a bit too big for me to show it properly, but this is our umbrella."

[Image: 67910883_1378c1890901cfafde1f27b9233cd177_standard.jpg]
"It's not a proper radio, but the mp3 player lets us listen to the radio on it, so can it count here?"
Cute photos so far, guys! <3

Here are mine:

#1: TP Roll
[Image: 49727979851_cb037a1eed_z.jpg]Dolly Market Scavenger Hunt by Haley, on Flickr
Ettarde: Run out of this and you'll find yourself in a pretty shi*ty situation. 

#2: Stripes
[Image: 49727980816_566cc0ffa8_z.jpg]Dolly Market Scavenger Hunt by Haley, on Flickr
I found this very vintage Tigger from Winnie the Pooh plushie recently at an antique store. <3

#3: Umbrella
[Image: 49727437558_eb7bd21747_z.jpg]Dolly Market Scavenger Hunt by Haley, on Flickr
Ash: Why do you have an umbrella?
Persephone: A kid at school told me if I go in the sun I'll burst into flames. 
Ash: ...I think he was just calling you creepy.... 

#4: Radio
[Image: 49727436353_2c573cd1ed_z.jpg]Dolly Market Scavenger Hunt by Haley, on Flickr
[Image: stripes.jpg]
Something Stiped

[Image: umbrella.jpg]

[Image: radio.jpg]
"Turn it up, man! They're playin' my song!" – Radio
Wow, you guys, what a great start! These all made me smile, and I really LOL'd at some. Terrific job, everyone!
Sunsette's got her feet up looking at holiday photos (which we have yet to sort and post) so I better get some more of the crew working on ideas.
So happy to see so many photos already!
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