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Full Version: REVISED Round 77 Voting Thread
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Sorry--I messed up again.  Left a name out of the poll.  Thanks for the sharp eyes, and keeping track of my foibles, everyone.  So if you voted in the first Round 77 poll, please vote again.  Thank you!

You are currently reading the voting thread for Round 77. The theme for this round, as chosen by dargosmydaddy, Round 76 winner, was GATHERINGS. Please cast your vote for your favorite photo from the following three photo entries, displayed in random order.  Voting closes on April 17. The person whose photo entry receives the most votes during the voting period chooses the theme for Round 78.

The Plan by Alliecat
[Image: 49755247681_f14bd948c5_z.jpg]

She even dresses weird at the pool by DeadlyNova
[Image: 49762429541_5308e98ff6_z.jpg]

Meeting at the Cafe by Lejays17
[Image: 03b32df3ecad4d864ab0b0119c0a7e1f.jpg]

Roll Initiative by s1dthessqu1d
[Image: 49757444973_0f2ccd40a0_z.jpg]
Oh, these are all wonderful! Much more elaborate scenarios than I ex-pected to see!

Nice work, everybody!
These are great! A hard choice ahead.
Oh wow, everyone has done a great job this round.

It’s a really tough one to pick.
This was so hard to choose, I really enjoy everyones!
So much creativity this round!! I love it!! What a hard choice omg
Wow, so much work in these setups! (DeadlyNova, I laughed.) This was a great theme idea and very challenging.
I LOVE everyone's entries this round, it's so fun to see the creative setups!! And glad I could get a laugh. xD
Congrats, Alliecat! Please think of the next challenge theme and PM me!
Congrats to Allie and everyone who entered.
Tough round! Congratulations, Alliecat, and great work, everyone who entered!
Thank you! Stiff competition from some great photos!