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Full Version: Elfy's Doll a Week 2021
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2021 has kicked off here, so here comes the Doll a Week thread.

[Image: d4e90c89eda23c9395fa9e4165d8a942.jpg]

Kit and Maeve couldn't wait to consign 2020 to the rubbish bin of history and what better way to do that than put up the Doll Adventures calendar for 2021. Thanks to the PTFCo crew for the years enjoyment.
First ADA...Whatever of the New Year! You are truly a bold adventurer, forging a path that others may follow! Best of luck to you as you cross off the days and flip through the calendar pages!
Yay! Glad you will be in for another year. It's fun to see the adventures of your gang so far away.
(My crew is flattered by the shoutout wink )
What a great way to start a new year!
And in new developments here, Yari has discovered Theo's Vespa.

[Image: 8e03744c14e64c4982521123dff50a07.jpg]

[Image: 86d8354417bebbdec94ea3a8cf80dd2c.jpg]

I'm far from sure that this is a good thing.
We shouldn’t have left her unsupervised where the props are. Who is she planning on jousting with??
Well, she's certainly a little bad-ass, isn't she?
She looks massively badass - and with the motorcycle and the red suit, she's giving me major Akira vibes. Whatever she's up to, I hope things won't turn Akira-level apocalyptic.
Hahahah! Let the jousting commence. You're either going to have to get some armor for that horse or buy another set of wheels. The fact that this Vespa has a somewhat grunge-look paint job and isn't cute and pink like a doll scooter might be ex-pected to be, makes it suit her perfectly. Girl is ready to take on the world. Can't wait to see more of this year's adventures.
Theo took his Vespa back off Yari, so she was forced to locate alternative methods of transportation.

[Image: db40583c54414dc05d54f763e91e2c75.jpg]

There are advantages to the girls' jeep. As seen here, she can go off road with it.
Ha! That's cute. I wonder if she'll be returning it in quite as shiny a condition though...
She had a fantastic time tooling round the court this afternoon. We were a bit sad that the young kids across the road weren't home with thier cars - we could have had races!
I see that Yari keeps her spear at the ready beside her – in other words, she will return the Jeep when she is ready, so don’t go asking! Plus, she’s ready for motorized jousting should the opportunity present itself!

Cute and colorful pic there among the green and yellow!
Haha, this girl is determined to go out there and have an adventure, and no one can stop her! Getting her a vehicle of her own might be the safest and most peaceful option...
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