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Full Version: davidd’s A DOLL A DAY 2021
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2021 — Another Day, Another Doll:

[Image: 50787434042_01de45ede8_z.jpg]
1 January 2021 – Shall We Dive Right In?
(Panama City Beach, Florida USA)

As in the previous two years, I shall keep a running list here of new dolls and significant accessories I acquire with notations as to whether the acquisitions are a direct or indirect result of other Doll A Day or Doll A Week or other forum member posts:

January: TBLeague S36A with YMT032B head
February: Wild Hearts Crew Charlie, Rallee, and Kenna
March: Pullip Amelia
April: None... yet!
May: None... yet!
June: None... yet!
July: None... yet!
August: None... yet!
September: None... yet!
OctoberNone... yet!
November: None... yet!
December: None... yet!

Want List for the coming year (subject to changing interests and whims):

Pullip Amelia (ongoing)
Pullip P-270 6%DokiDoki
Pullip P-241 Steamunk Zappa
Triv in the land of giants. Look at the massive footprints close to her.
I would be more concerned with the enormous birds behind her...
I hope Triv doesn't get eaten there and I wish you lots of luck with this new challenge!
YAY!! Glad you are back for ADAD another year. This is a neat photo. I can’t decide whether the gulls look like they are following her as their leader, or stalking her. LOL
[Image: 50793586681_757f8d7fcc_z.jpg]
2 January 2021: Full Steam Ahead!
(Port Saint Joe, Florida)
That looks interesting. She's nicely colour coordinated with the engine too.
The pinkies are on a definite adventure there.
I seem to be confused by perspective - is that a real steam engine, or a model? Pinky lady seems rather big in this one, but it wouldn't be the first time you made perspective work miracles for you.
(01-03-2021, 10:53 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]I seem to be confused by perspective - is that a real steam engine, or a model?

It is a real antique steam locomotive.
That’s a fantastic perspective shot then, the Pinkie looks enormous next to the train.
(01-04-2021, 09:55 AM)Lejays17 Wrote: [ -> ]That’s a fantastic perspective shot then, the Pinkie looks enormous next to the train.

Since I do not currently have a way to upload images from my camera to post online, I am limited to snapping my photos for upload with an older iPad. The iPad does not focus well on close-up subjects, and depth of field is usually poor, so capturing decent A Doll A Day pics is proving to be a challenge. I’m glad you found this one interesting. The Pinkys insist on stopping for a photo whenever we happen across old trains.

[Image: 50798149712_0499ab342d_z.jpg]
3 January – Trivia Visits The Former Ivan Tors Wild Animal Park in Homosassa, Florida
Triv's beach photo is lovely, I really like its colours - however, just like some, I was also concerned about the pack of giant birds sneaking up on her. I'm happy to see she's all smiles and has all her limbs on today's photo, meaning she didn't get eaten or injured smile

And I can only echo the thoughts others have shared about the Pinky&engine photo - I was also about to ask whether the engine is full-size, because either it looked small, or she huge - it was shocking to learn it is! Great use of composition and perspective, and I also really like the coordination of colours!

Today's photo reminds me of a hot summer day with its colours. I can hear the cicadas chirping and I can feel the heat making me dizzy!
Triv’s pic looks like a selfie, and her smile is cute.
This one has a nice retro feel to it! Did you pet any manatees?