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Full Version: Lejays17 2021 Doll A Week
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Ooo, she looks quite startled.
I wonder if the apparition is related to the Hawaiian "White Lady"... if so, I hope Miranda was nice to her wink
Like Elfy, was very unmotivated last week for a photo, so there's 2 this week.

I tracked down the other Green Rainbow High doll that I wanted.  Although, it's more hi-vis vest yellowy-green in person.  Still really like it as an outfit/colour in general though.
She isn't out of the box yet, the weather has been atrocious all week & I cant sit on the back deck to do it.
[Image: 129485_760.jpg]

There are lots of very talented yarn dyers out there - and they sometimes do "clubs" in themes.  Anyone who has known me for long will know that I'm a huge Dr Who fan since childhood, so when I found that this dyer was doing a Dr who themed monthly club, I had to sign up!
The first month is based on the current Doctor, and Amelia dressed up in her Dalek outfit to jump into the photo  LOL

[Image: 129702_760.jpg]
Amelia in her Dalek outfit is totally appropriate for this yarn.
Nice yarn colours, and Amelia's outfit is just the cutest. I bet you could sell a bunch of those!

I hope your RH girl has no issues like Poppy. Pretty colour! Does her hair glow in the sun? I've only had Poppy outside once but her hair seemed really bright in outdoor light -- kinda cool.
A knitted Dalek costume! That is TOOOOO ADORRRRRABLE!

Is she from the planet Skeino?

I like the looks of that lime dayglo green pleather outfit! I wonder if it would fit other dolls?
That is some fun yarn!
(11-15-2021, 12:36 AM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]Is she from the planet Skeino?

LOL - that's a terrible pun davidd! And maybe... She is my geek girl after all!
I opened my new Rainbow High girl this afternoon, she does glow in the sunlight!  I didn't like the name she was given (Karma), so we have re-names her "Niamh" (pronounced Neeve - think Neve Campbell), as it means "Bright" - and she's certainly that!

Her original outfit
[Image: 130049_760.jpg]

Alternate outfit - I love her lacey jacket  Happy
[Image: 129993_760.jpg]

i didn't notice any mis-painted areas, but I also didn't examine everything closely as it was cold out when I was taking the photos (it was windy & even though the sun was out it wasn't very warm for November here).
Love the bright green hair.
Glad she doesn't have "issues"! smile
That color is outrageously awesome!
Like Allie pointed out, some of the Rainbow High girls really do glow under the sun. Never really noticed it before, but it may be because this one is so bright.
Life has gotten super-busy the last few weeks, and finiding the time to take the weekly photo has been hard.  (Softball started, and that basically wipes out one day of the weekend now).

I did some shopping for presents (and new clothes) last week, and was delighted to find a whole heap of Disney Animator dolls at one of the local department stores.

I was very restrained and only got 2 - Mulan & Merida are some of my most-favourite princesses, and it's hard to find nice dolls of them at times.

Merida - I love her cheeky smile
[Image: 130686_760.jpg]

Mulan - Elfy asked what she was holding in her hand.  When I said it was "Little Brother", he had no idea who that was.  I said that we would need to watch the (animated) movie again to refresh his memory.  LOL  He didn't even recognise what it was when I recited the part of the movie at him (I have see the movie... a lot of times, and can sing along to all the songs, and recite a fair chunk of it as well)
[Image: 130391_760.jpg]
She's utterly adorable, and I look forward to geting more photos when I unbox her - probably when I have leave from work in a few weeks.
They are both very cute. I wonder if they do dolls of Merida’s younger brothers.
Your softball season starting up as things head in to deep winter here always strikes me as oddly entertaining. Glad you're going to be able to play this season. I hope you can play without masks.

Merida from "Brave" I knew. I thought Mulan was supposed to be Snow White, although on closer inspection I see bamboo graphics printed on the packaging.
Cute! I know pretty much nothing about either character, but Merida's expression looks like she's plotting something!
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